Determining the Costs of Traditional Shaker Kitchens


While considering installing/remodelling a kitchen, the most important question that arises is, “how much would it cost?” A new kitchen will indeed be the most expensive project task you’re going to perform. However, when choosing a traditional kitchen style, it won’t cost you a lot. Many things can help you keep the cost down while achieving your desired kitchen look.

Modern kitchens are dependent on the range of materials and finishes; however, shaker kitchens are designed for those who have a tight budget. You will be surprised to look at the prices that come with Shaker style kitchens. Though Shaker doors and cabinets are clean and simple in design with a traditional centre panel, costs are much lower than what you think. And, of course, that does not mean you have to compromise on quality.

How Choices Affect the Price of Traditional Shaker Kitchens

There are so many choices available that may affect the total cost of a new traditional kitchen. Here are some of the variations that typically affect it:

  • Size and layout
  • Handles
  • Finish choices
  • Appliances
  • Worktop (which includes laminate’s cost)
  • Tap
  • Additional work such as electrical, tiling, polishing, etc.)

Cost of Shaker Cabinets

The cost of shaker cabinets in Europe may range between £76 and £900 per linear foot. This is as similar to any other style available. The cost includes style choice for doors and drawer faces and does not cover material expenses. Whether you choose a custom or stock type of material will dictate the actual estimation.

Pricing Cabinets by Size

10×10 Kitchen Cabinets

A 10×10 kitchen ranges between £1,500-£18,000 depending upon the materials and type you determine. Furthermore, this sort of size typically has 20 to 25 linear feet of cabinets.

12×12 Kitchen Cabinets

A standard 12 by 12-foot kitchen cabinet costs around £1,900 to £22,000. It is considered as the average kitchen size in European homes. This size of traditional kitchens is beneficial as it accommodates open concepts, larger and more numerous appliances, and increases storage needs.

Cupboards for Small Kitchens

You will require nearly £1,300 to £15,000 for cupboards. A kitchen is considered to be small when it has typically 70 square feet or less space. However, you will not need to sacrifice style when choosing a shaker style for your small kitchen. You can find a wide range of materials and styles available for all kitchen sizes, and it gives plenty of options for storage solutions.

What to Do Next

Choosing a shaker style for your kitchen is ideally the best option to go for. It is undoubtedly a timeless classic style. The style is clean and simple and offers you a range of choices, designs, and styles in your budget without compromising the quality. Furthermore, a real style never goes out of trend.

From luxury shaker to smooth, traditional, and classic shaker, you can give any direction to your kitchen and make it stand out with the affordable range. You can’t go wrong with Shaker-style even when choosing a traditional country kitchen or ultra-modern, contemporary design.

If you’ve already set your heart for a shaker style kitchen, however, do not want to go for a new kitchen completely, you can still have options. Reface your existing kitchen cabinets with Shaker door replacements, and you have your new kitchen ready!

Start planning your budget to get a clean, minimalist kitchen style at an affordable price using Shaker style!


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