Six Considerations for Creating Your Perfect ‘Forever Home’ ​

Six Considerations for Creating Your Perfect ‘Forever Home’ ​

Homeowners or buyers wishing to settle down in a ‘forever home’ can look to these six simple considerations when creating a house to call a home. A ‘forever home’ is a property that suits requirements in the short and long term – so it needs to be a flexible space to fall in love with. Whether future plans are growing a family, downsizing and retiring, or making a return on investment, it’s important to consider how a living space can be shaped to meet specific needs and goals.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown has prompted many to consider whether it’s time to move to a new house or start improvements on current properties. When it comes to making your home work for you, the property experts at Stormclad have shared their thoughts on achieving your ideal ‘forever home’.

John Evans, managing director of Stormclad, said: “With everyone spending more time in their own homes, now is the ideal time to either carry out exciting upgrades on existing properties, or search for your next home, to improve your quality of living.

“Here at Stormclad, we have more than 20 years’ experience in helping our customers transform their houses into dream homes. Whether it’s deciding what can be done to a current property now, or assessing whether a new property has the potential for extensions and improvements in the future, we wanted to share our tips on ways you can add value and quality features to your home, that will last the test of time.”

Here are six things to consider for your ‘forever home’

1. An extension to create space

Adding an extension is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes you can make to your home – whether you’d like to extend the kitchen, add a utility or study room, or an extra bedroom – there is plenty of scope for you to enhance your home with the additional space an extension provides.

An extension will almost always add value to a property, so it is well-worth the investment once you have done your research and secured planning permission.

If you are looking to buy a new home, consider whether there is potential to extend the house at some point in the future. Local estate agents will be able to offer you advice, and you can also look to other properties in the neighbourhood to see whether they have benefited from an extension, so you know that you have the option, if you decide it’s something you want.

2. Maximising the space available

For the interior of your home, consider where you can create spaces of value for yourself and your family. In these uncertain times, with many people staying at home and working remotely, it is important to create suitable, comfortable spaces for yourself and your household to ensure a good living quality for everyone. Quiet, tranquil spaces for relaxation and reading, a study for working, and a well-maintained garden are just a few suggestions when considering how to ensure your property is a ‘forever home’.

3. Outdoor space

An often under-utilised area of the home is the garden – whether you’d like to transform it into a children’s play area, a space for your pets or an alfresco dining and relaxing spot, there are easy ways you can improve your outside space for the long run.

If you want a dry outdoor space for your summer barbecues or winter fire pit, then consider adding a veranda to your property. Whatever the British weather has to throw at you, adding a veranda to the exterior of your home provides a stylish shelter from the sun and the rain.

4. Invest in upkeep and quality appliances

One of the easiest ways to ensure your house is a ‘forever home’ is to commit to a regular maintenance regime to keep everything running smoothly and looking and feeling fresh.

Adding a new layer of paint, deep cleaning carpets and investing in new blinds or stylish shutters are just some of the ways you can update and refresh your home quickly and easily, so that it remains a place you enjoy being. If you’re moving into a new home, these are simple steps you can take to stamp your own personality on a property straight away.

It is also worth investing in quality fixtures in the home – appliances and electronics such as ovens, fridge freezers, tech, heating controls and dishwashers are worth spending a little extra money on as their quality means they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives.  

5. Money-saving double glazing

Windows are one of the areas most prone to heat loss in the home, with single paned windows capable of emitting around 84% of a room’s heat. To safeguard your home for the future, consider investing in double glazing to retain heat in your property and save money.

Installing double glazed windows will retain the heat in your home by trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass which stops the air from circulating, resulting in a decrease of heat loss across the window. With modern double-glazed windows, the space between the panes is often filled with denser argon gas which will slow down heat loss even further.

Older windows can look outdated, so replacing them with a durable frame such as aluminium, will transform the look of your home outside and in and continue to look smart over time.

6. A spacious conservatory

A brand-new conservatory extension is a great way to add a light and airy room to your home. The versatile space is ideal for a whole host of uses, and can function as a dining room, playroom, living area or home office.

This option may suit you and your family more than choosing a traditional extension, as it provides a space with a different feel to the rest of the home and helps to bring the outdoors in with plenty of natural light.


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