Webinar Brings the UK’s First ‘Smart City’ to You

Webinar Brings the UK’s First ‘Smart City’ to You

Kensa Contracting is hosting a free webinar, supported by Stonewater Housing and members of the Energy Oxford Superhub (ESO) consortium, offering attendees the chance to take a virtual site tour and gain expert insights into the ground-breaking transport, power, and energy superhub project in Oxford, which is currently paving the way as a model for large-scale decarbonisation of towns and cities.

The £41m Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) project, which got underway in 2019 as a direct response to the declaration of a Climate Emergency by Oxford City Council in January that year, aims to reduce emissions across the city and improve public health by accelerating a switch to electric vehicles and the decarbonisation of heating for homes and buildings.

Energy Superhub Oxford, Kensa Contracting, Pivot Power, Oxford City Council, and Stonewater Housing, are joining forces on the first stage of the project.

The webinar will highlight the endless, low-carbon possibilities of smart local energy systems, demonstrating how the clever integration of smart controls, time-of-use tariffs, and heat optimisation software in every home will form a blueprint for smart cities to come.

Branded a ‘must-see’ for anyone interested in the future of heating and offering insight into viable solutions for achieving carbon reduction targets, the free webinar is currently open to registrations.

The revolutionary ESO project will deliver a 50MW grid balancing battery connected to superfast EV charge points, as well as 300 domestic Kensa ground source heat pumps with smart controls. This low carbon combined energy solution is expected to save 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

The exclusive webinar will offer behind-the-scenes access to ESO’s pilot heating phase with Stonewater Housing, where 60 homes are currently being retrofitted with ground source heat pumps and smart controls. Take a virtual tour of the site in Blackbird Leys with host, Dr. Matthew Trewhella, Managing Director of Kensa Contracting. Learn how these renewable technologies will tackle fuel poverty and stamp out high-cost heating bills for residents. Find out from Adam Masters, Stonewater Housing’s Sustainability Project Manager, how the project is supporting decarbonisation aims.

Tim Rose, Programme Manager of Energy Superhub Oxford at Pivot Power, will explain the battery element of the project, as Pivot Power supplies the largest hybrid battery ever deployed. Councilor, Tom Hayes, of Oxford City Council will address the bigger, net-zero picture of the project, and how ESO will pave the way for Oxford’s large-scale decarbonisation of power, heat, and transport.

Get further insight into Kensa Contracting’s role in the project from additional speakers; David Broom, Commercial Director; Stuart Gadsden, Director of Sales; and Lisa Treseder, Grant Administrator.


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