Why you should hire a pest control company to inspect your home before starting renovations


So you’re thinking about renovating your home, that’s great! In these times when everyone’s been pretty much homebound, it can be a good idea to invest in some quality renovations. But before you start, we suggest you run a thorough check of your home, just to avoid any future (unpleasant) surprises.

Hire a pest control company before redoing your home – here’s why!

You might be thinking that you don’t need pest control services because there are no pests in your home. Or at least… none that you know of. In actuality, there might be bats living in your attic even now, or perhaps a snake nest underneath your home – who knows?

To put it simply, it’s not unusual for a home to have pests, without the owners even knowing it.

Pests could really mess up your renovation plans.

Even the nicest of contractors probably won’t take kindly to finding a family of opossums living on your property mid-job. Such an occurrence will no doubt halt the work for at least a couple of days while you get rid of the unwanted pests. In the meantime, of course, you still have to keep paying your work crew, and might even have to pay something for the inconvenience.

And if you don’t find the pests during renovation, that’s even worse! Not all pests will pop up during a home redo. Let’s face it, these creatures aren’t stupid. They’re not going to just pop out when everyone’s focused on the house so that they can get killed! Quite the contrary. The pest in question will stay carefully hidden until things go back to normal, and then it’ll come back… to your freshly redone home!

Whether it’s termites, bats, or raccoons, these pests will do considerable damage to your home, by chewing on the wood structures, electrical wires, messing up insulation, or who knows, maybe even endangering the home’s stability. And aside from the obvious health and safety danger this poses, we’re also looking at some serious money you’ve just thrown down the drain.

Pests won’t care if you’ve just renovated your home, they’ll mess it up just the same. And then you’ll be back at square one, not only having to pay for pest control, but also for a work crew to come back and renovate your house… again! To avoid all these headaches, look through this informational source for help dealing with wildlife pests.

Preventive pest control could also help you fix things before they become a problem!

If you hire a pest control company to come in and do a quick and thorough assessment of your property beforehand, they will be able to highlight any potential weak points on your property. Pros like Orlando Rats offer many different services. They’ll look for holes in the wall or crawl spaces under your property, or any such things that could become a pest entry point. And you’ll be able to fix these things before they become a problem, during the renovation.

In the end, hiring a pest control company to run a check on your home is the smart and budget-friendly thing to do!


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