4 ways to organise your office for improved productivity

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Productivity at work is always going to be a hot topic because there are continually so many emerging techniques that are supposed to help employees and employers get the most out of every working day.

Often, these techniques are ones that are centred around an individual and while that is a fundamental starting point, people usually forget to assess the environment they’re working in – the office itself. There are many simple ways to organise your office to help improve productivity and we’ve listed some below.

  1. Office equipment
    It sounds obvious, but it’s important that you have the right equipment in order to work effectively. If you are doing lots of tasks on a computer then a second screen can really improve productivity and efficiencies.

If you are using a second screen or laptop screen then these need to be at eye level to reduce eye strain and back and neck injury. Screen levels can be adjusted with risers if needs be. As well as any technical requirements, making sure you have adequate desk space and a comfortable chair in good working order are essential. If these items are old and broken then they can also lead to counterproductivity. You can buy replacements for fittings such as castors online so you often won’t have to replace whole units if they need fixing.

2. Office lighting
Artificial lighting can strain your eyes and lead to headaches and tiredness which will hinder productivity. If you can, use natural light from outside to brighten your office and provide natural views to help keep you stimulated. There are LED office lights that can emulate natural light so if it isn’t possible to get it from outside, consider how these can be used to help.

3. Colour

Colours stimulate different emotions and can improve productivity. If you work in an office that needs to be creative, then yellow is a colour that can help boost this alongside optimism and confidence. If you’re in an office that needs a lot of focus and concentration, then blue is an ideal colour. You can always use colours to break up different areas of the office to create different moods and feelings so that you can be productive however you need to.

4. Clutter and cleanliness
By being surrounded by clutter in an unclean environment, you can easily get distracted and lose focus. It’s easy to let clutter build-up, especially if you have lots of important documents and files to sort through. Try to make it a weekly habit of cleaning up your desk area. A good day to do this is on a Friday because it means that when you come back on Monday, you’re ready to start the working week in a productive environment.

By following these steps and making changes to the space around you, it will be much easier to improve your productivity in the office.


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