Google Maps for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is one of the best performing businesses in the world today. Part of this success has been due to the adoption of technology in the industry. The constant advancement of technology has forced almost everyone to adapt, changing how the real estate industry operates.

In the real estate industry, we have all processes taking place through technology. For instance, when one starts a home search, getting the home, closing the deal, and even making payment. All these processes have been reshaped by technology trends in the real estate industry.

APIs in the Real Estate Industry

APIs are the biggest contributors to the changes discussed above. They are software intermediaries through which applications communicate and share data. APIs help developers, real estate agents, product managers, and other real estate professionals to extract rental, mortgage, and housing data for use in the daily operations of their businesses.

Google Maps is one of the most important tools in the real estate industry. In this article, we will discuss a number of ways through which Google Maps can be used in the real estate industry.

1. Google Maps API

Most real estate agents have a website or an application for showing their listings. To complement this and make it better, they use real estate APIs such as the ones listed on Rapid API. This creates exceptional experiences for their customers when using the applications.

The Google Maps API can also be implemented on the websites and applications to give customers a chance to search and browse the listings using features from Google Maps. They can see exact locations, the neighborhood, any amenities around, and directions directly from the website or the application. 

2. Showing Properties with Street View 

Google Maps comes with a street view feature that allows property owners to employ another perspective when showing their properties. Customers are able to see photographs of various places that Google has added to their maps application.

Street View also allows customers to see the neighborhood and any amenities near the property. This way, real estate professionals are able to give their customers an insight into where their properties are, how the neighborhood looks like, and what to expect if they are to buy the properties. 

3. Building Custom Maps

Google Maps allows one to build custom maps for their applications. Real estate agents can use this feature to build custom maps that show all the listings that their customers might be interested in and to create a timetable for their showings.

When building custom maps, you can use polygons, lines, and icons to define specific neighborhoods and regions. You can also invite your customers and colleagues to make sure that everyone is involved.

4. Getting Found on Local Searches

Google has integrated Google Maps with their local searches making it possible for real estate agents to market their properties and appear on searches. Your properties will appear automatically on Google Maps provided that you have claimed and verified them using Google Places.

After verification, you can add more information such as contact information, pictures, and hours of operation to make sure that customers that find you on Google Maps have everything they need to initiate a transaction. 

Finally, make sure that you give your customers an exceptional experience, whether they found you on Google or not. To prove to your potential clients that you are capable of offering what you claim to offer, encourage those that found you on Google Maps to leave reviews of their experience while transacting with you. This way, you might end up getting more positive reviews that might persuade a potential client to transact with you.


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