Is the Construction Industry Prepared For a Greener Future

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With environmental impact being such a major topic in recent years and scientists urging everyone to take action now, there have been environmental targets set for practically every industry in order to reduce environmental impact. Despite new technologies and tools which are energy-efficiency, the construction industry is one which is struggling with many feeling that these targets are currently unachievable and data reflects this.

The Impact of COVID-19

Obviously, right now the construction industry is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic which could delay any significant strides being made towards hitting environmental targets. Unlike most industries, construction can’t fully switch to remote work and there are added challenges of supply chain delays, temporary suspension of work and new health and safety measures to manage in this challenging time.

New Tech & Tools

The construction industry is always one to embrace new tools and technologies, which is one plus as there are many ways that the industry has become greener through this in recent years. In particular, the use of air compressors in eco-friendly construction projects has been key as using air compressors and pneumatic tools helps construction companies to reduce their energy consumption (and costs) while still working to a high standard. Depending on the task, variable flow streams will be required and rotary screw air compressors will be found in nail guns, compactors and various other construction tools.


While there are positive steps being taken, the data suggests that the construction industry will fail to meet its environmental targets. The Government’s targets include electrifying construction machinery, reducing waste and retrofitting homes yet a staggering 77% of construction industry professionals agreed that these targets would not be met without significant change.

The Future

Obviously, the pandemic has hit the construction industry hard with output down an eye-watering 40.2% in April and it may take some time to recover once it has ended which could delay progress in terms of making the industry greener. This could result in a shift in targets, but there are reasons to be optimistic as green technologies and trends continue to appear in construction as well as society becoming increasingly eco-sensitive and selective of the businesses that they use.

The construction industry has made good progress in preparing for a greener future but it is struggling when compared to other industries, plus the impact of the pandemic cannot be ignored as construction has been one of the hardest-hit areas. Hopefully, construction will have a sharp recovery in 2021 and be able to step up its efforts for a greener future.


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