Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?


Home improvement is very worthwhile because it adds value to properties and homes. Experts in the real estate sector, rate home improvement according to four criteria: bad, moderate/average, satisfactory, and outstanding. Before you begin a home improvement project, it may be necessary to consider if the project aims to improve your home to a ‘satisfactory’ condition and what it will achieve in terms of value increment. 

Home improvements do not just revolve around property resale, and it can also enhance your family’s quality of life, comfort and enjoyment of your house (even if you don’t plan to move anytime soon). One fact you must not forget is that not every home improvement project will ultimately lead to a boost in your property resale value. This means you may not recover the investment cost of some home improvement projects. 

So, here are some home improvements that can significantly boost the value of your house. 

Outdoor living space/ deck

A home’s outdoor space is a place to share beautiful moments with loved ones. From grilling barbeque to relaxing while watching kids play, it can significantly improve your home’s value. 

It greatly improves the beauty of your home’s exterior as it comes in a wide assortment of styles and colours. For a more appealing effect, you can grow gardens or add decorative lights to improve your home’s ambience. 

Consider using a decking material of superior quality, such as composite. It is resistant to extreme heat, moisture and wind. It is also eco-friendly, durable and affordable. Composite decking materials are designed for long-term enjoyment without the frustration of routine maintenance. 


Kitchen remodelling and updates will definitely improve the value of your home. According to real estate analysts, kitchen remodelling can increase your home value by up to 60%. Start by making simple but highly essential updates because buyers yearn for kitchens with modern facilities. 

Ensure you change the faucets if they need replacement. Also, energy-efficient, modern lights are better than retro or old ceiling bulbs. You can also add cabinets and hardware to transform the appearance of your kitchen. Consider adding fresh paint to your kitchen or tiling the wall to instil a contemporary style to your kitchen. 


Bathroom improvement or update is an important project that is known to boost the resale value of properties. Here are some tips to help remodel your bathroom on a budget: 

  • The most effective solution to improving your bathroom appearance is by cladding the wall. The bathroom is a moisture-ridden area, prone to mildew and mould, which can ruin a paint job. Today’s cladding panel materials are resistant to humidity, moisture and mould. They can significantly improve your bathroom’s aesthetics.
  • Ensure you replace the lighting, faucet, showerhead, racks and drawers. They can add beauty to your bathroom. 
  • You can deep clean your bathroom by removing grime, grout and dirt. This will freshen up the appearance of your bathroom. You can also use caulk and grout. 
  • The cabinet door will also need to be repainted. You replace old accessories such as the tissue paper holder and toilet bars. This is a cheap and quick way of updating your bathroom. 


A fence adorns a home, especially when it has a decorative finish. It significantly adds value to every home, and buyers love it. It instils privacy and enhances the security of your property’s perimeter. From intrusive or prying neighbours to unwelcomed salespeople, a fence will restrict their access to your home. It also improves the safety of your kids and pets. 

Fences also improve curb appeal and improve the aesthetics of the house. It is also important for landscaping and beautifies your garden. Fencing materials are also worth your consideration, as you wouldn’t want a fence that is high-maintenance and quick to rot, rust or splinter. This is why the composite fence is the most preferred fencing option for your property. The composite fence has excellent aesthetics, excellent rigidity and resilience to harsh climate conditions, superior strength and low-maintenance features. 


New roofing allows you to cut cooling costs while improving curb appeal and resale value. Often overlooked, new roofs can positively add to the beauty of a home. Most premium roofs are designed to lessen cooling costs because they can reflect solar heat significantly. The roof also happens to be the most easy-to-see feature to homebuyers. Poor roofing condition can cause serious drainage issues. 


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