Why Is Turkey the Best Place for Hair Transplantation?


Turkey has emerged as one of the world’s capital when it comes to hair transplant clinics. To get an idea of just how true this is, think about this for a moment; around 5,000 patients arrive in Turkey each month to visit a hair transplant clinic.  

Reasonable Prices for the Surgery

Perhaps the most well-known thing about hair transplant in Turkey is the low cost compared to other countries where the procedure costs an arm and a leg. While a hair transplant’s price is about anything from $4,000 to $15,000 in most developed countries, the same procedure done in Turkey using the same technology and equipment costs a fraction of that amount!

When you have hair transplant services in Turkey, you are sure to stay within your budget. You can get the best hair transplant services depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. It will cost you a minimal fee of from $1,500 to $4,000, giving you extra cash to use on other things.

The cost includes many other things related to the surgery, such as hotel, transfer fee, the doctor, and the nurse fee. Look keenly at the clinic’s package; you can get the best value for money. Bundling is not a strong suit for other hair transplant destinations.

Many Hair Transplant High-class Facilities

There is a saying that competition breeds quality. Well, Turkey and in particular Istanbul has many world-class facilities where any patients in need of a hair transplant can go to and get their hair restored. That far gives a person more choice if they choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey rather than any other country.

The choice means you can negotiate on many things that you feel are necessary before the hair transplant. It also means you do not have to use a service provider that you do not like. Do your research and make a choice.

An Abundance of Hair Transplant Surgeons

What would so many hair transplant clinics be to you if you were not receiving the best service? If you choose to be in turkey, you can bank on the high number of professionals in hair transplant to know that you are enjoying the best services not only in Turkey but the world.

Because of the high number of physicians, Turkey is regarded as the hair transplant leader, as the US is considered the leader in cosmetic surgery. Every hair graft procedure is a team operation, and turkey has many doctors and nurses specializing in hair transplant.

You can only expect the best service from the thousands of doctors and nurses in the country. With their large numbers, they have more seminars to improve skills and techniques. Travel to this beautiful country and experience the best hair grafting can offer. There will be no more waiting lines due to insufficient doctors.

Advanced Medical Technology

You have to contend that hair transplant is not a walk in the park, and only the best facilities can assure permanent natural-looking hair. Luckily, Turkey has advanced in medical technology regarding hair transplant to ensure no regrets after medical surgery.

You will have experts at all hair transplant technologies like FUE, FUT, and DHI (

The doctor will take you through all possible hair remedies like Laser light therapy, Hair replacement surgery, FUE, FUT, and DHI, and some prescription drugs like Propecia and Minoxidil so you can choose with all the fact on the table. Whatever choice you make, you are assured that doctor will do the treatment from Turkey with local facilities. Some countries promise heaven only to outsource everything.

Government Support of Medical Tourism

Turkey is among an elite group of countries that support medical tourism. The hair transplant industry has brought this great nation; it is no wonder it is part of the government plans. You can get a facility supported by the government, so they don strain on resources hence the low price.

Because of the government support for medical tourism, Hair transplant clinics can help organize your travel at a lower cost the flight tickets. Once you are in Turkey, you can also consider visiting many historic and scenic sites.

In Conclusion;

Turkey is the undisputed capital of hair transplants; anyone who needs the best hair transplant services at a reasonable cost should put Turkey first on their list. Cosmeticium’s hair transplant in turkey is the best for all kind of cosmetic treatments.

However, one must do proper research to get an accredited clinic with accredited doctors to make the most out of a hair transplant experience.


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