4 Different Ways You Can Protect Your Storage Container

Stacked cargo containers in storage area of freight sea port terminal

If you have many storage containers on-site, it can be hard to ensure that all of them are safe and secured from damage, theft, and break-ins. 

More often than not, storage containers have pricey items that need to be protected. If you want to ensure that your storage containers are secured, there’s no limit on how much fortification you can place to safeguard your products and business. Besides, it’s better safe than sorry. So, make sure to read below to know the different ways to protect your storage container and avoid security mishaps: 

  1. Use Heavy Duty Locks 

One way to protect your storage container is by using a quality, heavy-duty shipping container lock. Without a lock, thieves can break open your container when no one is looking. 

Choose a lock that is difficult to breach, heavy-duty, and made of steel. Also, ensure that the lock is weather-resistant since you don’t want it to erode due to harsh weather conditions. It’s also a good idea to use two or more locks for your storage containers for backup protection in case one of them is breached or broken. 

There are different heavy-duty locks, including the following: 

  • Inner Bolt Locks – Compared to other locks, the inner bolt locks offer extra security in the interior. When bolting your container doors shut, it’s impossible to enter without getting rid of the bolt from the inside. A way to use inner bolts is to include them in your storage container’s door while using padlocks and lockboxes. 
  • Cross Bar Locks – These are interior security locks, which can function as your container’s main door. This type of lock prevents access from the outside.  

2. Take Advantage Of Perimeter Fencing 

Take note that there are many ways to secure your shipping containers. Placing them within a fenced area is deters stealing and keeps your containers out of reach. It is a good idea to put up barbed wire fences around the property.  

There’s also an option to add barred or metal fencing around the containers. See to it that local laws allow security fences on your property. 

3. Consider Video Surveillance 

If your storage containers are on your property, it’s wise to include video surveillance and security cameras. Like alarms, a visible security camera can be a great deterrent to trespassing on your property or breaking into your storage containers. 

Even if criminals do break into your containers, your video surveillance system can help you get to the bottom of the theft attempt and give ample evidence to the authorities. 

4. Use An Alarm System 

It’s one of the best ways to keep your containers secure. If somebody starts messing with your container’s lock, an alarm system can scare them off and alert the authorities. Setting up a camera could be an added deterrent.


When it comes to storage containers, there’s no such thing as too safe. Thieves will always find a way to break open any containers storing valuables. So, make sure to follow suggestions in protecting your storage container to achieve peace of mind.


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