Roofing 101: 4 Tips For Choosing The Best Roof Colour

Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision in Kelowna British Columbia Canada showing asphalt shingles and multiple roof lines

A lovely roof and beautiful home exterior combination can strengthen a house’s charm for years. That’s why it’s crucial to look for the right blend which will suit your home’s distinctive personality.  

Whether you’re installing a new roof or replacing the ones you have, read first the following four tips for choosing the best roof colour to guarantee you’re selecting the right shade for your home.  

1 Search for Real-Life Models

The optimal way to begin your search for the best roof colour is by checking existing roofs in your neighbourhood.  Likewise, you can google images of charming ceilings to kickstart your creativity, but remember nothing compares to observing the real thing.  

Additionally, you’ll be seeing excellent colour combinations and those which are unsuitable. When you go around your area, you’ll also discover the prevailing theme in your location, which can be a huge factor in your decision. Typically, expert roofer recommend homeowners to select a shade that merges with the rest, but, at the same time, shines on its own. 

2 Consider Your Home’s Climate

Do you reside in an area that perpetually showcases hot weather? If your home features an attic, take note that the shade of your roof shingles can influence the attic temperature by roughly 20° to 40°. This fact can significantly impact the cooling or heating expenses of your home.  

Remember that dark shingles draw in heat and help houses remain warm during wintertime. On the one hand, light shingles block the sunlight and reduce the temperature when the weather is hot.  

3 Determine Whether to Revitalise or Tone Down Colour

Meanwhile, if the exterior of your house features a variety of shades, it’s best to stick to low-key hues to defuse the splash of colours. But, if your home exterior is somewhat on the minimalist side, choosing a revitalising shade can do wonders for your structure. If you need help deciding whether to tone down or select a revitalising paint for your roof, consult a local roofing company near your area. 

4 Match Colours

Lastly, when choosing the best roof colour, keep in mind to match your shingles’ shade with the hues present in the trims, stones, tiles, stucco, or siding of your home. As an example, a black or dark grey roof combines well with a blue or grey home.  

On the other hand, a blend of cream or brown shingles will look excellent in a tan, brown, or cream-coloured house. In case you own a yellow, green, or red home, these shades are more adaptable, and you can accentuate them with grey, brown, or black.  

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best roof colour can be a challenge when you consider all the available factors. Some homeowners prefer envisioning the result to help them make a decision. They try to visualise their roofs with metal, shingles, or tiles. Then they picture their preferred roof colour after the installation. Exploring many alternatives can be stressful. Hence, picturing the outcome can, in effect, remove unsuitable choices. 

Please note that while some contractors recommend applying trendy shades to your roofs, those colours will not be attractive anymore in the future. Understand also that roofs last between 20 to 30 years. If you’re planning to market your home in the following 20 years, it’s best to adopt a subdued design. Remember, the majority of homeowners favour timeless charm rather than trendy styles for their houses.  


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