What Makes a Duo Clean Vacuum Cleaner a Popular Choice


Finding the right vacuum cleaner can be one of the most challenging decisions to make. But at the end of the day, what makes a vacuum cleaner best is its efficiency. Each device offers a different cleaning experience.

One model that has remained a popular choice is Duo clean Vacuum cleaners like Shark NV801UKT. Duo clean vacuum cleaners offer many extra features that make it user-friendly and sought after.

If you still have a doubt why people go for Duo clean Vacuum cleaners over the other types, here are a few reasons why.

Go from Upright To Portable

Models like Shark NV801UKT can be easily changed from an upright vacuum to a portable vacuum just with two clicks. It makes it more flexible and easy to use. With this feature, you can clean the stairs easily without lugging the vacuum cleaner around.

When it is assembled upright, the hose and handle offer good flexibility. With the machine at ground level, you can easily clean even the seventh step without difficulty.

The Lift-away Feature

Many Duo clean vacuum cleaners come with the Lift-Away body feature, especially models like Shark NV801UKT. When you use the lift-away section in one hand and the tool or handle in the other, you have a limited radius to reach. But these duo clean models offer a right cord length.

With a decent cord length, you can reach the top of the stairs without looking for alternate plug sockets to move the machine around.

Dual-roller And Suction Power

If you have hard floors and large carpeted areas, duo clean vacuum cleaners can help clean them effectively. The dual-roller and suction power, cleans hard floors easily. It picks up 100% of the dust without flicking it out or brushing in the front.

The flocked rollers are also helpful for day-to-day use. It picks up the dust that sticks to the polished floor and also sucks in pet hair quickly.

Helpful Accessories

Duo clean vacuum cleaners also come with the right package of helpful accessories. Certain models include an upholstery tool which cleans crevices and corners well. Long metal tubes with the crevice tool attached reach a good height.  Mini-turbo tool is one to look out for in the duo clean vacuum cleaners.

The Boost Feature

The boost feature is one of the most sought after options that makes duo clean vacuum cleaners a popular choice. If there is any stubborn dirt on carpets or hardwood floors, you can turn on the boost feature. It gives extra suction and removes the stubborn dirt from the floor fairly easily.

Anti-allergen seals

If you or your family members are allergic to dust or other allergens, you must take extra care when you buy a vacuum cleaner. It is also a feature that makes duo clean vacuum cleaners a popular choice among buyers.

Duo clean models come with anti-allergen complete seals that guarantee to trap 99.9% of allergens and dust. It is a very useful feature to look out for if you have even mild dust allergy.

Works Well With Pet Hair

Duo clean vacuum cleaners have rotating dual brush bars which when used on hardwood floors can easily retrieve pet hair from tiles, parquets and laminates. The front rollers grab the hairs, and integrated combs push them to the bin effectively.

Some vacuum cleaners when run on pet hair, sometimes ball up the hair. Duo clean vacuum cleaners easily clean long hairs without balling them up. You can even clean your pet’s beds with the turbo tool.

Many users have a soft spot when it comes to Duo clean vacuum cleaners. With its myriads of features, it gives a whole new user experience without much effort from you.  If you are looking to buy a new vacuum, add duo clean vacuum cleaners like Shark NV801UKT to the list.


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