Are you looking for a way to protect food in transit?

Food and Drink

Employee-owned packaging company, Kite Packaging, is the UK’s leading supplier of packaging. Protecting items during transit is vital, particularly if delicate and susceptible to being ruined if in the incorrect temperature range.

Chilled packaging

Getting goods from A to B in a temperature-controlled environment can often prove challenging for a lot of businesses across the country, but with Kites effective range of insulated packaging, you can create the ideal thermal environment for your goods at a low cost while protecting the environment. Part of the range also includes an enviro-friendly option, this product outperforms polystyrene alternatives and is a great solution.

To help you find the right protection for your goods, Kites insulated packaging range offers a variety of specifications and styles, including insulated box liners, temperature control pouches, enviro-friendly insulated boxes and ice packs.

Wax lined boxes

Wax lined boxes, also commonly referred to as ‘meat boxes’ are suitable for direct contact with food thanks to their PE (wax lining) and are strong, robust, fibre-based, solid board boxes ideal for packing moist and chilled solutions, even in humid environments. One of their added benefits is that food can be directly frozen or stored in the box without the need for additional bags, however, if additional bags are favourable, they can be used in conjunction with our range of blue tint gusseted bags.

Commonly used within the food industry to transport or store raw meat, poultry, cakes, vegetables and much more, they are available in two sizes, both of which are easy and simple to erect.


With its unique patented honeycomb design, Flexi-Hex is a great alternative to plastic and other protective packaging solutions such as polystyrene, and is much more cost-effective than other paper solutions such as ‘pulp‘ packaging. Extremely strong and adaptable, it is suitable for glass, bottles, jars, homewares, ceramics and much more. Simply place between the two-honeycomb structures and use in conjunction with Kites single wall outer box for ultimate protection during transit.

Corrugated bottle sleeves

Designed to mould itself around a variety of shapes, Kites 100% recyclable and biodegradable corrugated sleeving is suitable to protect a wide range of products, from glass, bottles, ceramics, jars, homeware and much more. Moisture resistant, adaptable, and extremely easy to use they are a great lightweight plastic free alternative. Simply place in-between the cylinder shape structure and use in conjunction with Kites tailor-made postal boxes, for added protection during transit fill any voids with their paper bubble or SpeedMan paper.

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