Brickowner launches secondary market


Property investment platform Brickowner has launched a secondary market for its property investments, allowing investors to buy and sell shares online.       

The marketplace will allow Brickowner investors to list shares in investments funded on the Brickowner platform for sale before the end of the investment term so that other Brickowner users can buy them.  

While the secondary market will initially feature only shares in investments funded on the Brickowner platform, the firm aims to make the marketplace available to boutique property fund and asset managers as a way of providing liquidity for their own investments. 

Fred Bristol, Brickowner’s co-founder and CEO, said: “Brickowner is proud and excited to be launching its pioneering secondary market, offering investors the opportunity to buy and sell their property investments online. 

“Asset managers and developers are often only able to offer investments for fixed terms, with no possibility of redemption until the term ends. Brickowner changes this, making it possible for their investments to have the opportunity for liquidity. We see this as a great partnership opportunity for many managers and are already speaking to a number of funds, asset managers and developers about its exciting potential.”

“The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online technologies in all sorts of fields, not least investing,” Bristol continued. “The ability to trade property investments simply and affordably on your phone or laptop is an example of how our industry is adapting to the seismic changes we are all seeing. We believe our secondary market puts Brickowner at the forefront of that innovation.” 



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