CEMEX Presents Engineered Asphalt Concrete

CEMEX Presents Engineered Asphalt Concrete

Global building materials solutions supplier CEMEX is proud to present VIABASE, an engineered Asphalt Concrete specifically designed for use in the construction of housing estate roads. Perfectly timed to support construction companies as they strive to meet the government’s ambition to increase levels of housebuilding, VIABASE meets the challenges faced by roads on housing developments, where the final surface course is only laid once all building work has been finished.

While the use of standard materials can run the risk of damage to the asphalt as they are exposed to the rigours of construction traffic, VIABASE uses carefully graded aggregate and a high binder content to ensure it is more able to resist the impact of these heavy vehicles.

Providing a smooth, dense surface finish, VIABASE is resistant to deformation and less prone to fretting & ravelling. Additionally, the product’s close surface texture allows for easier cleaning once construction has been completed prior to the final application of surface course.

VIABASE will also help housing developments to meet the requirements detailed by the government in its construction playbook, which has asked for the industry to move towards sustainable solutions that are high performing, with longevity at the core of decisions when specifying.

As well as roads on housing developments, VIABASE is also ideally suited to other areas that are used by heavy duty vehicles, such as farm roads and tracks, large parking areas and industrial construction sites.

“The government has been clear that housebuilding levels need to increase, with an aim for 300,000 new houses a year to be delivered. To meet this demand, our construction customers need quality, resilient products that offer solutions to specific issues that arise at these developments,” said Carl Platt, Director of Asphalt, Paving, and Building Products for Europe.

“With VIABASE, we are pleased to offer a way to ensure the longevity of housing development roads, which standard materials struggle to provide if the surface course is not placed soon after. VIABASE provides a highly durable, low maintenance surface which will meet the challenges presented by heavy duty vehicles and prevent long term problems in the overall pavement construction.”


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