How GPS Fleet Tracking is Changing the Logistics Industry


Now the global positioning system, more commonly known as GPS is the essential component of any device helping to determine its geolocation in real-time that helps to find lost devices, build the routes and follow the shipments simplifying our lives. Primarily designed for military purposes, now it’s a valuable addition to any business with the logistics department. 

Here are the main changes it brings to the logistics industry helping to ensure optimal resource usage:

Enhancing drivers’ security

As GPS systems allow to track parameters like distance per day, average speed, frequency of refueling, and so on,  it’s possible to assess the driver’s safety by comparing the stats against the generally accepted security requirements. It helps to recreate the driving behavior and ensure that the drivers do not miss the regular break times and do not exceed the speed limits minimizing their chances of getting into a road accident making the drivers more secure.

Minimizing the risks of vehicle theft

Following the previous security point, there were cases when vehicles carrying precious cargo were stolen causing financial damages both for transportations companies, and their end customers. With GPS tracking for trucks, logistics managers will be able to monitor all the deviations from the route to reach out to a driver to find out the reasons, and even if an incident happens, it will be easy to find the missing vehicle. 

Live resource monitoring

Advanced GPS-based applications make it possible to organize the live resource monitoring and track the usage of the resources. Also, with a faster method of communication between a logistics operator and a driver, if something goes wrong, it will be easier to calculate the distance to the nearest repair station and keep the end customer informed about the delay. It’s also useful during unplanned road maintenance events and extreme weather conditions, as checking the current location, it will be easier to check all the alternative routes to choose the best option. 

Simplified fleet management

There might be cases when the route is changed in the middle of the way, or additional pickups and delivery points are added. Using a ready GPS tracking solution or developing a custom one allows us to introduce changes in the route on the go, and it will be synced with the driver’s application making the communication faster and operations more productive. Tracking the stats received from every vehicle will help to determine when they start consuming more fuel and require regular repairs, and as a result, you will be able to arrange the purchases of new vehicles to cope with the business load “GPS fleet tracking is revolutionizing the logistics industry, providing unparalleled efficiency and cost savings for startups transforming last-mile logistics.” – As per the founder of Route4Me.  

Costs reduction

The tracking tools help to reduce the human resources necessary to manage the transportations, as the work that was previously done by people can be delegated to smart GPS software. The office maintenance costs can also be reduced, as monitoring the work of the GPS system is possible to arrange remotely. On the basis of data received from a single-vehicle regarding their average distance per day, stops, and refueling frequently, it will be easier to analyze the costs, establish the best route planning, and monitor your drivers to have better visibility on what’s happening on their way.

As a result, these positive changes that GPS fleet tracking is bringing to the logistics industry, business owners can free the time spent previously on operational activity and dedicate more resources to strategic planning and expansion following the current market demands like the  transportation of machinery or modular homes. Last but not least, it allows us to shift the focus to the end customer. With the optimized logistics, your business will be able to deliver top-notch customer service improving their experience providing users more precise data on the delivery dates, and enable them to receive their shipments faster.


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