Importance of Installing Access Door for Commercial Buildings


When it comes to constructing the perfect building, you need to install the vital components and systems. You can find many examples of building systems and components such as electrical, plumbing, fire protection, ventilation, and HVAC. However, they can only operate whenever contractors provide enough protection from many factors. 

One way buildings can protect them is by installing access doors. Even if it assures efficient protection, other building owners might say otherwise because they have no idea how it works. If you don’t have enough knowledge about access doors, you can find several reasons why installing them is crucial. 

1. Protect Components Effectively

As mentioned a while ago, building systems and components need adequate protection from possible elements such as temperament and damage from fires, moisture, etc. Most building components like electrical wires should not come into contact with water as much as possible because it can cause significant building problems. 

Many building fires have started before because of moisture penetrating and passing through electrical wires, circuit breakers, and other parts of the electrical system. If you don’t have access doors within your building yet, don’t waste any time and have contractors install them as quickly as possible. Once you have them installed, expect no severe problems will happen to your building. 

2. Keep Everyone Safe in the Building

Contractors will always hide components and systems behind walls, ceilings, and floors because it’s an eyesore and can become a nuisance, mostly when many people walk around. You might encounter several building tenants’ complaints when you have exposed plumbing pipes or electrical wires within your building. A time may come that they will cause accidents like causing people to trip over it.

What’s excellent about access doors is they hide them most of the time, providing a safer space for people to walk around. The access doors can even prevent systems like water pipes from getting out. If the pipes suddenly burst, water can gush out in the open and create a slippery surface. Thankfully, you can install access doors with a gasket to prevent water from seeping through the surface. 

3. Provide Convenient Access Behind Surfaces

Since most building components and systems are behind surfaces, maintenance personnel might have difficulty accessing them. In most instances, they will have no choice but to damage the surface to access and work on the system behind, causing you to pay more for building expenses. 

But when you have access doors installed within your building, they won’t have to destroy any surface since they can simply open the door and close it once they finish doing the job. Apart from access doors for walls, you can also install aluminum roof hatches if you have technicians accessing your building’s roof frequently. As long as there’s space behind a surface that gets accessed, the access doors can provide safe and easy passage all the time. 

4. Become an Alternative for Storage

You might have a vault inside the office that you want to hide. You have the usual cover-it-with-a-portrait technique that most spy movies show everyone. Using that trick may not be as effective anymore since anyone can check behind paintings. You don’t have to fret because you can use access doors as an alternative for storage. 

You can have the vault placed in any area behind your wall’s office and then have an access door installed. You should get access doors that match the walls if you want to make it appear almost invisible. There are even access doors with a thicker door if you want to ensure no one can quickly access your vault. 

5. Several Applications

If you have enough access doors on your interior walls, you should note that there are other areas where contractors install the components. Examples of areas are the floors and exterior walls, so installing a plain access door will not cut it. These areas need specific access doors to get the right kind of protection. 

Take Away

When you need to install access doors on your building’s exterior areas, they need to be weather-resistant because of the constant exposure to rain, snow, weather, etc. And for components found underneath floors, they need floor hatches because they can withstand pressure from getting stepped on. Your contractor will usually tell you what access door type you need, depending on which systems get access the most by maintenance personnel. 

Now that you know several reasons about the importance of access doors, the next step is to choose a reliable access door supplier such as Best Roof Hatches. You should always choose high-quality construction materials, and you should never exempt access doors. 


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