In what cases should you call an electrician?

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There’s nothing new about flickering lights, electrical wiring, and device installation in the home. Electrical projects are among the most common issues homeowners have to deal with on a daily basis. And because we all know how easy these situations could go south, the first instinct is to fix them. Hiring a technician to fix the problem is something some people deem financially unnecessary. Why spend money when you can do it yourself? However, what most of them fail to acknowledge is that not everyone can handle an electrical project.

Going DIY on an electrical project could go south real fast, which could only end up costing you more. Before getting your tool box and going to work, determine whether this is a situation that requires the expert skills of a technician or not. If the project is beyond your skill set, you should call up an electrician for assistance. What are some of the situations you may need to hire a professional to tackle an electrical project in the home? Let’s dive into the article and find out.

  1. Rewiring the house

Choosing to rewire your house may seem like a great idea until you find other systems such as electrical switches and circuits you never would have known existed. Before you get ahead of yourself, you should know that the house’s wiring is connected to a broader interdependent network. On the surface, it may look simple, but it is more complicated than that. It takes a professional to find their way around the system and rewire the house with no problem.

2. Replacing control panels

Flickering lights are a common sign that your control panel has a problem. What you might assume is a minor inconvenience could be part of a bigger problem. Looking up a few guidelines on the internet will not cut it. Your control panel may need servicing or replacement; either way, you need to know the NEC code regulations to do this. The best solution is to call up your local electrician in Surrey and have them look into the problem.

3. Relocating the power grid

You may think, ‘Who needs an electrician when you can YouTube your way around relocating a power grid?’ Trust us; it’s not that simple. If you do not want to end up with a blackout or an accident, get a professional electrician to do it. It will save you both time and money to trust your electrical contractor with the project when you think of it.

4. Installing additional light

Adding a new light where there was no sign of one requires one to get into the wiring and figure out how to run it to where it is needed. If you have no understanding of outlets and how an electrical circuit works, do not risk it. Call a professional electrician with knowledge, experience, and tools to install an outlet for your light.

5. Tripping circuit breakers

Overcoming this kind of problem is straightforward once you determine which appliance is causing your circuit breaker to trip. However, if you’re still unable to determine what’s causing it, then you may need a commercial electrical contractor to step in and help.

6. Power outlets or switches are warm to the touch

This can sometimes indicate that an electrical system is overloaded, which can usually lead to electric shocks, and worse, cause fire. Although there are many videos you can find online teaching you how to replace your electrical outlets, replacing or installing an electrical outlet of light switch is a project that needs a licensed and trained electrician. 

7. Installing a security system

Technology is a gift that keeps on giving and security systems in the 21st century are a testament. As the security systems have upgraded to ensure more safety, the more complicated they have become. The manual instructions that once guided homeowners through the installation are no longer the all-you-need guide. It is best to seek the help of an experienced Surrey electrician to do the installation. While this minimizes your frustration, it also ensures installation is done correctly.

Why hire an electrician?

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t risk solving the above-mentioned electrical problems yourself. 

Reduce the risk of short circuit and fires: Incorrect wiring installation at home increases the likelihood of causing a short circuit, which can usually lead to heat build-up, melting your wiring and cause electrical fire.

Conforming to building codes: A licensed electrician is required to handle wiring work and conform with building codes. These codes are complicated and detailed and failure to follow it can be dangerous and even make your property difficult to sell. 

Final Thoughts

Recommending that you hire a professional electrical contractor in these cases does not mean you will no longer change your bulb. As long as you leave the technical stuff to the experts, you can change as many bulbs as you want. What we simply mean is if you do not know your way around an electrical system, it is both safe and convenient to have an expert do it for you. Do some digging on professional electricians in your area and hire one best for your electrical needs.


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