PE barrier pipe coil with JCB

Now we are in post-Brexit Britain, what is the current situation with the plastic pipes and fittings industry in the UK, a significant industry supplying the utilities, construction, housing and plumbing sectors?

Caroline Ayres of the BPF Pipes Group confirmed: “Our industry is continuing to supply its markets without any interruptions, whilst our members continue to operate within Covid-19 guidelines to ensure safe and secure delivery of plastic pipes and fittings to customers.”

With Britain leaving the EU, many aspects of the future relationship remain unclear, but BPF Pipes Group manufacturers remain committed to continuing to supply quality products to the same high standards.  These incorporate third party approved products to British European Standards (BS ENs) where applicable, standards which users and specifiers are familiar with and which provide reassurance that the products are always fit for purpose.

BPF Pipes Group members remain actively engaged in the processes of drafting new standards and for now nothing will change – manufacturers will continue to supply products that are third party approved to the existing BS ENs.

Additionally, the BSI’s membership of CEN and CENELEC is continuing beyond the EU exit transition period.  It will enable the UK’s continued influence over standards produced in both CEN and CENELEC, providing additional certainty and stability to stakeholders.

Plastic pipe systems are successfully used in a huge range of sectors in the UK, from water, waste, gas and telecoms to general construction and plumbing, playing a major role in new installed pipe networks as well as in maintaining and improving existing networks.  These types of pipes are also proving ideal for some of the emerging technologies around low-energy use, such as ground source heat pumps, district heating and underfloor heating.  At the end of their service life plastic pipes can be recycled and turned into other useful products to aid the circular economy. More information about plastic pipes is available from


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