Matt Mccall Investments: How Does His Trading Platform Compare To Others?


Matt Mccall is one of the latest stock traders to turn their hand to an online trading platform. Mccall joins the growing trend of traders leaving Wall Street to help ‘the average man’ make money by investing in stocks. 

Mccall has very little online presence and isn’t even the first Matt Mccall that comes up during a Google search. For this reason, many people are more vary about purchasing his program, more so than the programs of well-established names like Paul Mampilly and Paul Scolardi.   

In this article, we’ll be looking at who Matt Mccall is, what his platform has to offer, and how his platform compares to some of the other market leaders. 

Who is Matt Mccall? 

Matt Mccall is a former stock trader with a Masters Degree in Science, specializing in Finance. Mccall has over 18 years of experience in finance and investment. He began his time on Wall Street at one of its biggest firms, Charles Shwab. 

Eventually, Mccall retired from Wall Street and became the lead technical analyst for the radio show and podcast, Winning Wall Street. 

Since leaving Wall Street Mccall has started many enterprises including Point B publishing house and CrowdVest.Co. He has also written multiple books in an attempt to demystify the world of stock trading for the general public. Since leaving Wall Street he claims to have made over 1000 television appearances.   

Mccall has also traded Investment Opportunities, a subscription service. His research team shares tips with his subscribers about where they should be investing their money. Mccall has a particular focus on investing in new technology. 

What does his service offer? 

‘Wall Street won’t tell you this, but by the time the general public hears about a major investment trend, the big money has already been made… by those who got there FIRST.’  -Mccall

This article will very briefly cover what Mccall’s service can offer its subscribers, if you’re looking for more reviews on Matt Mccall, check out this article. 

So what do Investment Opportunities subscriptions include, and how much does it cost? 

Investment Opportunities only comes with one level of subscription that costs $99 for the year. The following things are included in this subscription: 

Monthly investment reports – 

Investment Opportunities owner’s manual – 

    This is Mccall’s equivalent to Stocks 101. This manual talks you through the best ways to buy and sell stock; how to research stock before purchasing it; as well as talking you through how Mccall approaches the marker. 

Urgent Updates – 

    If there is any major news in the market, or a major change in one of Mccall’s focus companies then Investment Opportunities will send out immediate updates to subscribers. 

Subscriber Only Reports – 

As part of your subscription, you will also get Mccall’s 12-36 page reports on businesses and parts of the market that he feels are worth watching. 

If you look into what some of the other trading platforms are offering this does seem very spartan. This is why his prices may be low, Mccall also does not have as big a reputation as some of the other market leaders.  

How does his service compare to other leading trade platforms? 

Mccall has a good reputation, solid product, and great pricing – but how does Investment Opportunities compare to the other trading platforms on the market? 

Investment Opportunities vs Profit Unlimited vs Super Trades 

Let’s end by comparing Investment Opportunities to its most similar competitors Profit Unlimited and Super Trades

The Prices 

By looking at the prices of these subscriptions we notice the first major differences between the three big players. 

Investment Opportunities offers only one level of subscription that costs $99 for the year. A whole year of Investment Opportunities costs less than one month of Super Trades. Super Trades offers two levels of subscription – one for $149 a month, and one for $249 a month. 

Profit Unlimited offers three different subscription offers ranging from $49 a year, to $479 a year.  

What they offer  

Whilst all three companies are run by ex-stock traders the level of advice offered varies wildly.

Despite being the second most expensive Investment Opportunities offers the least to its subscribers. See above for more details on what it offers. 

Profit Unlimited not only offers its subscribers monthly trading advice and emergency updates, but Mampilly also offers a range of daily tips and weekly video calls. 

Super Trades seems to charge an extraordinary price. However, when you consider that you are sent roughly the same amount daily as Investment Opportunities sends once a month the price starts to make more sense. The subscription also includes weekly videos, a chance to talk to the Superman himself in the chat room, and access to his own investment records. 


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