Tips You Need Before Acquiring Safety Barriers


Workplace injuries interrupt smooth operations in industries and construction sites. To be compliant with the safety regulations, you need to install safety barriers strategically. Barriers help to prevent falls and limit access to potentially dangerous areas. Investing in safety will keep your workers safe and create a positive image for your company. Here are useful tips you should know to assist you in choosing the right safety barriers.

Assess your location

Where do you want to place the barriers? For outdoor, barriers are subject to weather changes that can cause damage, depending on the material you choose. 

It is advisable to choose barriers made of concrete. The most popular are concrete jersey barriers, known to withstand all extreme environments. Concrete barriers can be in use for decades without any repairs needed. Flexible barriers can be used in sharp corners to absorb impact and reduce damage and potential harm to people during an accident.

Check durability

In construction sites where you use heavy equipment and vehicles, there is a need for durable barriers. In case of an accident, how well can they absorb shock from an impact? While they are put in place to reduce accidents, choose materials that can also lessen the damage in such an occurrence. A precast retaining wall has the most durable properties compared to any other material.

Cost versus protection

Not everything expensive is best for you. Again, what you find affordable might not translate to the protection you need. You have to research and pick barriers that will give you value for your money. Consulting an expert will help assess your need and balance it with the cost of each viable solution.  

Choose noticeable barriers

Safety barriers cannot work effectively if they are not noticeable. Well, relatively large and rigid barriers are easy to see. When using concrete barriers, choose brighter paint, mostly yellow, to make them more visible. Colours arrest the mind of people almost subconsciously and prompt them to be more vigilant of the surroundings. An alternative to paint is to attach high viz material or reflectors.

Choose easy to install barriers

Most construction sites are temporary and the area will be vacated after completing the project. Traditional walls and barriers are expensive, take much time to construct and best suit establishments of a permanent nature. Precast barriers are easy and fast to install. No much equipment or skilled labour is needed. Even better, there are no waste products from installation and dismantling. Using precast concrete barriers saves you both time and money, as you won’t need to install posts and wires to secure them.

Lastly, ensure you prioritize function over style. Great designs are very appealing but might not work for your situation. The best approach is to check the features against your company’s safety precaution policies. In summary, is the barrier functional? Is it easily noticeable? How durable is it? How easy is it to install? If it passes all these requirements, pick it regardless of how it looks.


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