What to Look for When Looking for Warehouse Space


As one of Europe’s largest business hubs, London is a great place to do business. With the right strategy, you can be sure to grow your brand name from oblivion to an internationally acclaimed brand. One of the challenges that most businesses face as they enter the expansion phase is storage space for manufactured goods and scale up your day to day operations. Ordinarily, you’ll require a warehouse. But what if you don’t own a warehouse just yet?

Well, this should not be a stumbling broke to the rapid growth of your business. You can take advantage of a warehouse for rent as a perfect temporary storage location without blowing up your budget. Warehouse rental is a strategic move that will enable you to expand gradually while maintaining a healthy bottom line as you don’t have to handle extra costs. Whether you need warehouse space for a day, week, month or an entire year, there are many benefits you can enjoy renting warehouse space.

Warehouse rental allows you to not only connect with your customers better but also monitor important trends while allowing them to reach you directly. This means better relationships with your customers as they have a front line opportunity to see your brand in action. Renting warehouse space also allows you to test new markets that you hope to expand into without risking resources. You can tell if the market is receptive as these rentals let you monitor specific areas as well as a range of products without having long term commitment. Should you realize that expanding into a specific market is not a good move then you can consider a different location.

Warehouse also helps to confront the financial risk involved in establishing a presence in a new location. You can lease warehouse space on a budget for a month so you set up operations without hurting your budget.

How to Find Warehouse for Rent

Here are some tips to help you if are looking for warehouse space for rent:

·         Define your needs

Before you begin your search for warehouse space for rent, you must have a concise and clear idea of how you will use the space. This is important because it will help you to get just enough space. When you don’t have your needs defined, you might either end up with too little or too much space.

·         Think about the warehouse Layout

Warehouses have different facilities for different kinds of needs. Therefore, as you look for warehouse space have your preferred layout that will fulfil your business needs. You can request a floor plan or a virtual tour of the warehouse interior so that you have an idea of how best you can use the space.

·         Location, Location, Location

When you are looking for warehouse space keep location in mind. Do you prefer to rent warehouse space closer to your other business locations or closer to your home? What about proximity to the transport network? How easy will it be to move goods to and from the warehouse? Is the area easily accessible? You also need to establish if there are specific warehouses for specific industries. You don’t want to find your food warehouse is in the middle of industrial products as this can be a turn off for your customers. Being in the right zone helps to build the confidence of your customers that you are indeed committed to the industry standards.

·         Property Features

Equally important are the features that can be found in the warehouse for rent. Think about the number of customers and employees that will be coming to the warehouse. Does the warehouse have adequate parking space for vans, social amenities, security and other important features?

·         Know the terms of the lease

When looking for warehouse space to rent, you need to determine the terms. This includes the duration of the lease. If you foresee a situation when your business may undergo rapid expansion then you need a short term lease. On the contrary, if you see your business remaining the same for a foreseeable future then you could opt for a longer-term lease. Additionally, you also must pay attention to other terms of the agreement before signing. Make sure you ask questions if you need to clarify anything

Warehouse for rent presents a perfect opportunity to experiment with different markets before you launch. The rental experience will help you to tell the most receptive markets before expansion. These short term rentals help you to access crucial information without having to opt for a long-term commitment. Moreover, it makes it possible for you to make a huge impact for a short period on a budget.


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