SatSense Ltd, one of few satellite-derived ground movement data providers in Europe has developed an autonomous self-service based transactional portal for its users.

SatShop allows users to log into a website and download InSAR ground movement data over their area of interest. InSAR, or Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, is a technique used in remote sensing. Satellite radar images are used to generate insight into surface deformation. SatSense Ltd. uses this data to help people understand historic and ongoing ground and structure movements, accurate down to millimetres. Traditionally, SatSense compile a detailed report with expert analysis to aid customers but now, select users will be able to select and download the data for themselves.

The Leeds-based scale-up understands that time and accessibility are often key pain points for their userbase, who are often geotechnical engineers. The CEO, Matthew Bray has been quick to note that the traditional way of obtaining InSAR data can be laboured and unnecessarily time consuming. The self-service portal is their answer to this, and in doing so, they aim to integrate their solution more effectively into engineers’ workflow processes.

The CEO Matthew Bray commented that “Our next generation solution is one that will continue to give value to our customers; the self-service portal, SatShop, is our way of helping to drive efficiency and reduce costs for geotechnical engineers. The easy to use, step-by-step process will only boost our rapidly increasing adoption – we look forward to continuing to develop our products with customers and maintain this upward trajectory.”

This is a strong statement of intent from SatSense Ltd. as they move towards a frictionless transaction system, one that will be seen more and more in the coming years. The portal interface is set up to allow complete autonomy by allowing users to interact entirely with the digital process, and have data sent directly to them, in their preferred format, when they want it.

SatSense Ltd. Have gone from strength to strength since receiving significant investment from local investment house Mercia Asset Management.

Investment Manager at Mercia, William Schaffer issued a statement welcoming the move to an autonomous digital platform. “SatSense is a promising investment for the Northern Powerhouse investment Fund. In bringing their solution forward and offering a seamless user experience, they are commercialising and democratising an incredibly valuable data set in a truly unique way. We anticipate their efforts will deliver substantial value to their customers and markets.”