6 Ways To Take Care of your Swimming Pool


We all love swimming in a clean swimming pool. Clean here means the water should be crystal clear and free of any bacteria that may be harmful to you. Keeping your swimming pool clean is never a walk in the park if you don’t have some tips for doing it.

If you need chemical free pool & hot tub cleaning services, you can reach out to Waters Choice for the best water pool care services. In his article, we will share some proven ways to take care of your swimming pool like a pro.

1. Check water level

If your swimming pool water runs low, you should use a garden horse to add more water. In case there is a massive storm and your swimming pool overflow, you can use a pump to drain some water. Ensure you keep the water level at the recommended level.

2. Soak unwanted oils   

If there are unwanted oils in your swimming pool, you can use a tennis ball to soak them all. Grease gets into your pool from sunscreen, hair products, and suntan lotion. Just throw a tennis ball inside your pool and allow it to soak for some time to remove the oil.

3. Power-wash the pool

As days go, your pool deck will become dirty. To keep all the germs and bacteria away, you should always clean the deck and keep it dry when you can.

4. Regular check-up

Your swimming pool will still need regular maintenance even when you clean it regularly. You can call a swimming pool expert to check your pool at least once a year and ensure everything runs smoothly. To increase the overall performance of your swimming pool, you should schedule regular maintenance.

5. Clean the skimmers every day

Sometimes, larger debris from the swimming pool gets trapped in the systems, and you need to ensure they remain open and clear. Empty some water from the pool in case of rainfall. Also, you can backwash the filters to remove any debris and built-up grit that may damage them. 

Use the swimming pool pump to remove the debris in the filters. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the swimming pool pump.

6. Maintain pool chemistry

If you want your swimming pool to serve you for long and ensure it is clean round the clock, you must maintain the right chemical range. When taking care of your swimming pool, you have to look into factors like the pH level and total alkalinity. 

Check the chlorine level, metal sequestrant, and algaecide of the pool regularly. Always ensure you test your swimming pool every day to test ensure optimum chemistry.

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to keep your swimming pool clean and free of bacteria and germs. You have to maintain proper pool chemistry by using the right chemicals in your pool. You can reach out to a professional to help maintain and repair your swimming pool in case of any issue.


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