Everything You Need To Know About Building Backlinks With Guest Posts

Making your website better visible in the search results is one of the top tasks of all business owners, and backlinks building is one of the effective strategies to achieve this goal. There are a lot of approaches to backlinks building, and some of them are neither legal nor effective. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the life-proven way of obtaining high-quality do-follow backlinks. Yes, we are talking about guest posting, and in this article, you will find out everything you need to know about this SEO tactic.

Your Backlinks Matter

Google is quite famous for changing its ranking algorithms every year, or even more frequently. With the aim of delivering top-notch content, it is always looking for ways to match the users’ requests with the information delivered even more accurately. However, there is a thing that remains unchanged, and this is the presence of high-quality do-follow backlinks to your website. This is one of the indicators of your content quality.

Also, Google is well aware of illegal link-building practices. It states that the backlinks profile should be built organically, that is, you have to create valuable and meaningful content, and somebody has to cite it on their blog or website. Despite this approach is quite right, there is a high probability of waiting for too long while the competition is strengthening. So, there is a way out – you may post links with the help of guest posts or guest posting services.

Your Backlinks From the Websites with High DA Matter Even Most

What’s more, the domain authority of the website that links back to your publication matters as well. The higher the domain authority of the third-party website, the more weight your backlink will have, and the better your website will be ranked in search results. That is, if you intentionally collaborate with reputable websites, you may get better chances of being promoted by Google. The only way to do it is to submit guest posts, i.e, publications that are specifically created to be published on third-party quality sites.

However, how to find guest posting sites and how to collaborate with them? This is one more challenge you have to discover and deal with. But before proceeding with this issue, let’s find out one more benefit of guest posting as one of the leading building backlinks to your website strategies in 2021.

You May Attract New Audience By Publishing Guest Posts

In addition to the fact that guest posting allows for getting organic backlinks to your website, it also allows you to increase your organic traffic by attracting a live and interested audience. The only thing you have to do to achieve this goal is to find a website with high domain authority and a similar target audience that may be potentially interested in your product or services.

You also have to place your backlink organically in the content published by the third-party website. It shouldn’t look like an ad but should look like an organic and useful mention beneficial for the readers. Thus, you also need skills to create such content pieces that will match the third-party website requirements, fit the expectations of their audience and look like a natural mention in the eyes of users and Google.

Getting in Touch With The Websites Accepting Guest Posts May Be Challenging

How to submit blogs posts on guest sites? Many business owners find it quite challenging to find suitable publishers, get in touch with them, agree on content placement and finally get their post published and backed up by a backlink. What’s more, placing your guest posts on a website with high domain authority may be quite costly, and creating an article that will match their content requirements even more difficult. Also, you should always keep the target audience specifics in mind – there is almost no point in creating top-notch content for the audience that isn’t interested in your products or services.

Thus, when looking for platforms accepting guest posts manually, you can be at risk of wasting your time and money. Also, there is a risk of getting in touch with scammers and never seeing your post published, even despite the high domain authority. So, some business owners are looking for the most reliable guest posting opportunities.

There Is a Way to Streamline Your Guest Posting Strategy

Fortunately, there are a lot of guest posting services that may help you with your backlinks building strategy. As a rule, they have already collected a database of proven publishers who are ready to accept guest posts and place your link in exchange for a reasonable fee. There is also an opportunity to filter the websites according to their age, DA, and target audience specifics so that you may be sure that you are publishing your post on a promising platform. Such an approach allows for avoiding the main pitfalls of manual guest posting. What’s more. some of the guest posting services may also help you with creating valuable content for third-party sources, and thereby, you can fully automate and outsource your guest posting strategy.


Submitting guest posts is one of the winning and reliable backlinks building strategies. There are also advanced opportunities for complete automatization of your guest posting efforts so make sure to take your benefit. Also, don’t underestimate the value of backlinks. The practical experiment in search engine optimization suggests that this is the point that isn’t going to lose its relevance.

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