Four Reasons Your Home Needs Double Glazing

Four Reasons Your Home Needs Double Glazing

Homeowners considering their next improvement project should look to double glazing to add value and kerb appeal to properties, according to home improvement experts. With the latest home improvement research showing that the value of homes could be reduced by over £9,000* if properties don’t have double glazing – the specialists at Stormclad have outlined top reasons why properties would benefit from this upgrade, whether you are looking to sell in the future or simply wish to improve it in the here and now.

With a roadmap out of lockdown planned over the coming months, and spring just around the corner, now is the ideal time to consider investing in improving your home – and double glazing is a valuable feature for any property that will last for years to come.

From energy efficiency, to increased security and aesthetic value, experts have highlighted the main reasons why it’s worth investing in double glazing for your property to ensure added value and a better quality of living.

“While we have spent more time at home over the last twelve months, many homeowners have come to realise their properties could do with improvement, and we have seen an increase in the number of people wishing to upgrade their abodes,” said Managing director of Stormclad, John Evans.

“As restrictions are gradually lifted, spring is the ideal time to action new and valuable home improvements, and double glazing comes with many benefits as it performs well in terms of energy efficiency and security, and looks good for decades. The latest data also shows that not having double glazing could knock a significant amount off of the value of your home*, so it’s certainly a worthwhile investment for the future.”

Here are the reasons your home needs double glazing:

1.Aesthetic value

One of the more obvious, immediate effects of new double glazing is the impact it will have on improving the look of your property. Sparkling new windows will look add a great deal of kerb appeal to your home, giving both the interior and exterior a fresh new look.

2.Energy efficiency

Windows are one of the areas most prone to heat loss in the home – an old single paned window will emit around 84% of a room’s heat into the cold air outside, so swapping old, inefficient single glazing for double glazing will undoubtedly have a massive impact on the heat retention in your home.

Double glazing works by trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass, which stops the air from circulating, resulting in a decrease in heat loss across the window.

With modern double-glazed windows, the space between the panes is often filled with denser argon gas which will slow down heat loss even more, so you will find yourself needing to switch the heating on less often, saving you money on energy bills and ensuring your home is more eco-friendly.


Typically, modern double-glazed windows are much harder to force open from the outside, so you can rest assured that criminal opportunists will not be able to break their way in to your home easily. There are also double-glazing options that come with toughened glass, which is stronger and shatterproof – giving you peace of mind.

4.Adding value to your home

The latest Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report highlights that as much as £9,144 could be knocked off the value of your home if you don’t have double glazing*, so by installing double glazing, your home will increase in value compared to a single-glazed property, and you will save yourself money on energy bills moving forward too.


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