How To Design Your Personal Bedroom


Your bedroom can be said to be your own space. It is the place where you sleep,read and stay most of the time. You spend your private time there. It might be reading books, sleeping, dancing, watching TV, doing your chores, or doing any of your favorite activities. So, your bedroom needs to have the perfect design and decor according to your choice. Your bedroom has some essential components like bed, wardrobe, fan, false ceiling, table, chair and other furniture and electronic objects.

Here are a few points one needs to remember while designing one bedroom

Ways To Design Your Bedroom

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT COLOR: The first and foremost thing that one needs to choose is the paint color that you are going to put on your bedroom walls. Experts always advise you to choose subtle colors for your bedroom walls and also if your bedroom is not too big then it is always good for you to choose light and subtle colors then it will make your room look bigger and brighter and give you an airier feel.
  • THE RIGHT FURNITURE: Another essential feature of your bedroom is to choose the right furniture. You must choose the right side of your bed, wardrobe and other furniture also you should keep in mind that all your furniture is of the same color as this will give your bedroom a defined and proportionate look.
  • While keeping in mind the bed one must also think about the mattress, you must know the types of mattresses like latex, innerspring, foam, hybrid, etc. and also along with the type and size one must check the lifespan of the mattress. Latex has the advantage of being a natural cooling mattress with the most durablity, although they can be more expensive. There is one more variety known as the futon mattress. Futon mattresses are a combination of foam and coils and are said to have originated in Japan. They provide significant back support and keep the spine aligned. If you are using a futon mattress like many others, then you must check the lifespan of the futon mattress. They typically last for 5 to 10 years and also on usage.

Also, try buying a mattress which has a minimum lifespan of 7 to 10 years and so it is very important to first make your bed and mattress the most comfortable because sleeping is very important and bedroom is the place where one sleeps

  • DON’T NEGLECT THE CEILING: Yes, it’s right that you should not neglect the ceiling because a ceiling is a very important part of your bedroom. A false ceiling with a great design can change the whole outlook of your bedroom as it is like the 5th wall of your bedroom. When you lie down and look at your ceiling it shouldn’t look bland and if you can’t afford a false ceiling then other options are painting it with a light color or adding some wallpapers or architectural designs that will give you a feeling of comfort and intimacy. If you are designing your kid’s bedroom then you can add glowing stars or different shapes to the ceiling.
  • HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE: It is very important to have enough storage in your bedroom because when things are lying here and there then it gives a very messy and cluttered look so it is always better to have enough storage space in your bedroom. You can have multifunctional storage units like storage shelves along with your bed or dressing table that comes with a chest of drawers or maybe a custom-designed closet which will have a lot of secret storage spaces.
  • CHOOSE THE PERFECT CURTAINS AND COVERS: A great change is made with the look of your bedroom with the curtains you choose. A perfect curtain must match you’re your bedroom walls and there are many types of curtains available in the market nowadays and you must choose the print or design of your curtain according to the needs of your bedroom for example if your bedroom gets too much sunlight which makes the room very hot then you can opt for thick curtains but if you want a curtain which will not take so much space and give your bedroom a modern look then you can go for blinds.
  • ADD MORE LIGHTS IN YOUR BEDROOM: You must add more and more lighting options in your room as it enhances your bedroom very much. It is very good to layer your lighting to make the room look bigger and brighter. For activities like reading books or doing some work on your laptop, you can add small lights or reading lamps for that purpose.
  • FIX YOUR BUDGET: Whether you are designing or redesigning your bedroom you must fix a budget before doing so and this will help you to design your room better. If you are designing it by an interior decorating company then you must first check that the company is genuine. Also, while selecting the props, make sure that the brand is authentic, has proper reputation and has an excellent sales process.
  • DON’T MISS OUT THE SMALL DETAILS: Even after decorating your room you should always keep in mind that even the small things like ea small showpiece or decorating item is very important to enhance the look of your room and also you must keep some indoor plants inside your room as it gives a very earth touch to your room.
  • INCLUDE SOME PRIVATE TOUCH: As said earlier that your bedroom is your private space and so you must include a space to relax and enjoy it can be a cloth swing or a statement couch and if you have some space around your window then you can make a window seat to enjoy the view and sunlight. Also, if the amount is huge for decorating your room, then EMI or monthly payment is reasonable and a very effective option for those who want a lavish decoration but has a shortage of funds.


These are a few points which one must keep in mind while designing your room but once the designing is done it is also very important for you to maintain your room nicely. Like for example, your room shouldn’t look messy or cluttered and a regular dusting of furniture is required. Your bed must be comfortable enough and the mattress you are sleeping on should be also very comfortable. An overall bedroom is a very special place as we tend to spend most of our time there working, resting or doing some activity and so we must design our bedroom according to our desire.


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