The Advantages of Mirrored Bedroom Furniture as a Design Element


Mirrors are designed to reflect the person or item placed in front of them. Most commonly, you find mirrors hanging on a wall, attached to a dresser, and placed above bathroom vanities. Their most common function is to help you get ready in the morning to make sure your make-up is on just right and your hair and outfit look perfect. However, mirrors can also double as a design element. It’s not uncommon to see an accent mirror hanging on a wall in common areas such as the living room or even a hallway. Mirrored furniture is rising in popularity, and it’s not just for your main living areas.

Mirrored bedroom wardrobes, cabinets, and even the chest of drawers offers a unique atmosphere that works with any bedroom style, including traditional, rustic, contemporary, and modern. This is your guide to the advantages mirrored bedroom furniture offers and why you should consider stepping outside of the box on traditional design methods.

Dual Functionality

Mirrored furniture is highly versatile and does not just function as storage space. It’s not about being vain and staring at yourself for hours on end in the mirror. However, sometimes you need to take a brief look at yourself to make sure your shirt is still tucked in, your hair still looks good, or that your make-up isn’t smudged.

Mirrored bedroom furniture offers you chances to catch glimpses of your outfit as you pass by without having to stop what you are doing to check your look in the bathroom mirror or, worse, the camera on your phone. Whether you’re headed out the door or hosting a dinner party, you want to make sure you keep your look together.

Conversational Piece

Everybody loves a good conversational piece, and every room needs a focal point. Mirrored furniture is definitely a unique design that you do not see every day. Choosing one or two mirrored furniture pieces such as a mirrored wardrobe creates a focal point for your bedroom and makes for a great conversation piece. Now that you have your focal point, you can build out the rest of the room’s décor based on your tastes and preferences.

Brightens the Room

Bright rooms instantly lift your mood and make for a light, airy, and clean atmosphere. Mirrors reflect everything in front of them. This includes people, furniture, and even sunlight. Strategically arranged mirrored furniture reflects the natural sunlight that already comes in through the windows and significantly brightens the space, giving your room a lighter, breezier feel.

For instance, if you’ve got a dark corner in your room that you’d like to shed a little light on, place a piece of mirror furniture so that it catches the natural light and reflects it to that corner. Instantly your bedroom will feel brighter.

Makes the Room Feel Larger

Due to its reflective properties, mirrored furniture can make even the smallest of bedrooms feel much larger. Unlike traditional pieces of furniture, mirrored pieces create the optical illusion of taking up less space because they have a transparent sleek look and feel.

Easy to Match with Any Style Décor

Whether you are starting fresh with your décor or looking to integrate furniture into an existing bedroom theme, mirrored furniture is the easiest to match with any style of décor. It is one of the most interior friendly solutions for your bedroom. Whether you like rustic, modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, etc.

Low Maintenance

Your days are busy enough as it is. The last thing you need is to have furniture that requires regular maintenance. High-quality mirrored bedroom furniture is made from tempered glass and is extremely durable and resistant to scratches and breakage. If it does sustain an impact hard enough to break the glass, then a special film keeps the glass shards together and prevents them from spraying everywhere.  It’s naturally resistant to water spills and can even withstand high levels of humidity without damage. There’s no need to worry about your furniture fading or stains.

Cleaning mirrored furniture is simple. All it needs is a quick wipe down every couple of weeks with a quality glass cleaner. This will keep it looking brand new for years to come.  

Ready to Give Your Bedroom a Mirrored Makeover?

The best furniture is the kind that is efficient, adds value to the space, and is functional. Furniture is a long-term investment and not a decision to be taken lightly.

Whether you are furnishing a new bedroom or your current one just needs a makeover, mirrored furniture is a great option, especially if you are working with a small space. Enjoy the ease of styling, durability, low maintenance, and light that the mirrors will bring to your bedroom. Makes your space one that you will enjoy for decades!


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