What To Do In Case Of A Construction Site Accident

Construction work is an inherently dangerous environment to work in, compared to if you were sitting in an office where the hazards are said to be lower. But, over time, the good news is that the law hasn’t turned a blind eye to this. There are too many workplace protection laws and regulations to ensure the safety of these workers. When an accident happens, there’s also now a wide array of possible remedies.

Think of medical compensation, workers compensation, personal injury laws, and safety hazards compliance rules to have in the workplace. Granted, despite the inherent hazards present around construction, there are now many safeguards to ensure the well-being of these workers. A quick visit on among other sites will open your eyes to some of the most common work accidents that can entitle you to compensation, before proceeding below.

However, an accident is still an accident. It can happen at any time, more so when you’re least prepared for it. That said, here’s what you can do if you’ve been injured in a construction site accident:

1. Seek Medical Attention ASAP

Even if on the surface, the accident may seem minimal, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see a doctor. As soon as the accident happens, call for emergency services to come and get you, or whoever has been injured. That way, proper attention can be given before your injuries escalate to a point where it becomes too damaging.

Once you’re at the hospital, focus on your care. Listen to all of the instructions your doctor will give you. The only way that you can fully recover is when you do your part to be diligent with the recovery protocols. 

In the event that you’re experiencing difficulty with getting proper medical care for your injuries, you may speak with an attorney about it. Your attorney can help you achieve the proper recourse for your concerns. They can evaluate the circumstances of your situation and determine if you have a valid claim to recover compensation for your injuries. For instance, if you’ve been injured due to a slip and fall accident, a common cause of construction accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. From there, they’ll advise you to use your medical records as evidence to strengthen your claim and ensure a positive outcome.

2. Report The Accident Your Employer

Second, your employer, through the HR department, should also be notified of the accident as soon as possible. This is very important, as you wouldn’t want to get barred by the Statue of Limitations. Depending on where you’re from, different have their respective rules as to when employees should report the accident to their respective employers.

This fast notification is very important, as it serves the following purposes:

  • Timely reporting and notification of the accident will expedite your process of your workers’ compensation claim;
  • Unnecessary delays can be avoided;
  • All employers can also properly follow the standards set by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration or shortly known as OSHA.

By reporting the accident to your employer, you can avoid any problems should you decide to file a claim to obtain compensation for your injuries. Check your state’s reporting rules and regulations to ensure a seamless and avoid the risk of denial of your claim.

3. Take Notes And Photographs

Surely, you can’t do the documentation by yourself. If you’ve got a family with you who can do this seek for their assistance make sure that you’ve got a proper and complete record of photos and documentary proof of everything that happened in your construction accident. This act should also include all communications you’ve received from your employer, insurance company, doctors, and workers compensation commission.

Keeping as many details are important, as these might be necessary to strengthen your claim. Just in case there’s going to be any dispute surrounding your accident, you’ve got evidentiary proof to negate any false claims.

If you have difficulty collecting some evidence, you can ask for help from your lawyer to speed up the process. Remember, the more evidence you can present, the higher your chances of receiving the compensation you need to recover and bounce back following a construction site accident. 

4. Ask For A Lawyer’s Advice

After getting an injury from your construction accident, you’re generally entitled to two remedies. But, in order to have accurate, full and proper processing of these remedies, you’ll need to have a lawyer to help you out. At the very beginning, it’s through the expertise of a lawyer that you can best decide on what’s most appropriate solution for your situation.

Here’s a quick touch-up on these remedies:

  • Workers’ compensation claim. This is the type of insurance that protects employees’ rights for a claim and provides them with a proper compensation to recover. 

When it comes to construction accidents, you can identify two types of benefit that you’re most likely entitled to recover are loss of wage benefits and the necessary medical expenses. Your lawyer can help you out with the proper computation based on factors like the extent of     your injuries, wage, age, and average lifespan. They can also help ensure your workers’ compensation claim will not be denied due to some avoidable grounds, such as missed deadlines, inconsistent accident and medical reports, failure to receive immediate medical attention, and refusal to give a recorded statement.

  • Personal injury claim. In exchange for getting a personal injury claim, is giving up your right to sue your employers or co-employee for their lapses resulting to your injury. Hence, the most exclusive option for construction accidents is still to opt for a workers’ compensation claim.

Overall, familiarize yourself with these two remedies you can avail of if you’re injured in a construction accident. This way, you can make the most of the proper legal remedy for your injuries and, in turn, maximize your financial recovery. 


Construction workers are undeniably exposed to a wide array of work-related risks. But, while you don’t have control over these accidents from happening, you can have more control over its outcome. This means there are things you can do now to make the outcome of the construction workplace accident better. The goal should always be to have a full recovery. That way, you can be back on your feet in no time. Especially when the accident wasn’t due to your fault, it’s always nice to be properly compensated for what you deserve.


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