Who Are Planning Appeal Consultants and What Do They Do?


It is disappointing to have your planning application refused by the local authorities, but this is not the end of your desire to build a property. Professional planning appeal consultants can help you submit an appeal to the inspectorate. Homeowners and investors who do not know about these experts might give up when there is a way. But now you know and we will tell you more about planning appeal consultants and what they can do for you.

But before you appeal, it is crucial to look at the reasons for refusal carefully. The authorities probably have a good reason. You can only appeal when you have substantial evidence to win an appeal. If you are not sure, there is no need to worry as planning appeal consultants will guide you accordingly.

Home Owners Right of Appeal

According to the laws in the UK, a homeowner seeking planning permissions has a right to appeal after a refusal by the authorities. After the formal refusal, the investor has six months to appeal.

According to experts, this is enough time to collect all of the evidence that you need to make a strong appeal. This is also the time to find additional information that will boost your appeal. The good thing is that planning appeal consultants add a lot of crucial information that you may have initially missed.

When you are decided to appeal, this is the time to hire the best planning appeal consultants in your area. Look for an experienced company with a reputation for winning appeals. Luckily, there are many in the UK that also offer other services and can walk you through the remaining process of your home or property construction.

Preparing an Appeal Statement

This is the crucial part of appealing. But you do not have to worry since experts know what to write. First, they assess your project and understand what might have gone wrong. They make a statement that will convince the local planning authorities to approve your plan.

They focus on giving all evidence starting with what you had given and adding more. They also remove some of the pieces of evidence that might have led to a refusal. The entire appeal is to challenge the decision of the local planning authorities.

Before the appeal is presented to the local authorities, the planning appeal consultants go through it several times amongst themselves and also with you to ensure that no evidence is omitted. Once there is a robust statement and required attachments, then the appeal is formally applied.

Planning Appeal Hearing

In cases where the local authorities want clarification or have specific issues to be discussed, they might ask for a round table discussion. The planning appeal consultants make all of the arrangements, and in fact, they represent you. They are in a better position to discuss and convince the authorities to approve your planning.


When you work with planning appeal consultants, your appeal has a high chance of going through. Hence, it is worth hiring these services for professionals if you want to continue with your project.


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