Why Does Buying a House take So Long?

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Most house selling experts estimate that selling a house should only take three months. But does this take into account the time taken to get your dream home? Others unexpected delays include hurdles of the mortgage application, survey complications, among others. Also, the revenue authority has given a temporary reduction on stamp duty, making eager buyers try to move before the deadline. This is expected to course further delays before you get keys to your dream home. Here you will learn the process of buying a house and what you can do to speed up the process. Please continue reading to learn more.

1. Start By Finding your Dream Home

This is one of the complicated stages of owning a new home. Generally, most people take 8-12 weeks to locate their new homes, depending on the type of property that you need. The timescale also depends on your search area and the local property market. To avoid this delay, you can seek the services of chartered surveyors, conveyancers, or local estate agents. They have details of different home categories and where to find them, and therefore they will be able to fix you with your dream home quickly.

2. Make The Offer

Some people experience difficulties before agreeing on the best price of the house with the house vendor. In most cases, other buyers are also interested in the same house, and therefore, the buyer takes long before deciding the preferred buyer. Always ask the vendor to offer the best price to avoid hurdles. This way, you can quickly move to the house that you can afford.

3. Get A Mortgage

Very few people complete the process of owning a home without getting a mortgage. What can I do to speed up the process of getting a mortgage? Simple! Get the paperwork done before starting the house searching process. Yes, it is possible since you already know the price of the house you need. You can browse online to see different mortgage lenders and their calculators. You can consult the services of a mortgage broker if you are dealing with a complex purchase. However, it is better to wait until you settle for a certain house before applying for a mortgage principle since it will be valid for only six months. If you miss the six-month timeframe, you will get a credit check which will significantly affect your credit score. You will be surprised that your mortgage application will not go past 40 days if you have a good credit rating.

4. Exchange Contracts

You need to get information about your vendor and the property you want to purchase before exchanging any contracts. Your conveyancer, together with your vendor’s conveyancer, should initiate the process by conducting local searches and seeking information from relevant authorities such as local councils, Land Registry, and other external parties. If you do not get any complications, the process will not take more than four weeks. To speed up the process, answer all the queries asked promptly and provide as much information as possible.

5. Complete the Sale

It is the final stage of buying a property. By now, you have already paid the property deposit, exchange of contracts cost, and any other necessary cost. Thus, this stage involves paying the remaining property fee and any other outstanding fees. However, the process can be affected by the vendor’s timescale and if they are able to move out quickly. You will have to wait longer if there are chin of vendors. In normal cases, this process takes between one to four weeks.

You can do everything correctly, but you won’t have an easy transition if you fail in planning. Thus, get the best removal company to assist you in moving before completing the buying process. Thus, you will save time and money. Also, the removal company will assist in moving delicate stuff that you might end up destroying if you move on your own. Don’t wait until the last minute since the best removal companies usually get booked in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up with a company that might end up doing a shoddy job.

If you follow the above steps, you will end up getting your dream home quickly. However, if it takes longer to sell a house in your location, you will get delays in owning one. This is particularly if you want to sell your house to get your dream house. You have to wait to get a buyer in order to buy another property. It is therefore important to contact an agent to help in the selling and buying of property. You will save both money and time. But never plan to move without allowing yourself plenty of time.


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