4 Reasons for Homeowners to Upgrade their Fences


Fences are often overlooked as part of a home’s property, but they play an important role. When a fence is deteriorating badly or is simply too old, it can detract from the enjoyment of the backyard. Eventually, it will come time to replace it with something better and possibly different. Here are four reasons for homeowners to upgrades their fences.

1.      Improve Appearances for the Home & Garden

When you have already purchased the property and it either lacks a fence, or it is sagging badly and is damaged, it’s time for a rethink. Delineating the property line or boundaries isn’t just useful for the parcel of land; it’s also something that is visually a good thing to do for you and the neighbors. It can avoid confusion and potential disagreements over where their property line ends and yours begins.

When replacing the fences or putting one in for the first time, consider what type of fence is best. They come at various price points and are available in wrought iron, vinyl, and chain-link. Each adds a different aesthetic to the backyard, so it’s worth considering how a style will fit into it. To get an idea about the various fence styles, check out

2.      Increase the Value of the Home

A home’s value won’t stay the same when there’s a poor-quality fence or none at all in some places. The valuation is likely to increase by as much as half of the cost of the fence. If it’s a privacy fence that reaches from 4 feet up to as much as 9 feet tall, it’ll be important to provide seclusion for you and possibly your family if you have one too. Choose a fence style that’s in keeping with the rest of the home. It’s likely to have the most upside potential for the expenditure.

3.      Prevent Infestation by Termites

When there’s an old wooden fence surrounding the property line, it has been susceptible to both the elements and any insects for years. A wooden fence can potentially have suffered a termite infestation because they love wood of all kinds. Even when the wooden slates were originally treated to avoid this, that won’t ward off the risk completely. It would be best to use concrete posts for your fence to make it stronger and stand against termites.

4.      Let Your Dog Out with a Safe Place to Run

Dogs need a safe place to run around, play fetch, and maybe do a bit of enthusiastic digging too. It’s a great thing to let them burn off some energy if you’re short of time to take them for a walk that day. Let’s face it – dogs love getting outdoors and running around in virtually any weather except perhaps snow. So, a fenced-in garden that’s too high for them to leap over allows the homeowner to let them get more outdoor time. Then they can be walked later in the day when the schedule allows for it.

While it’s always hoped that a fence will be of high quality and durability with new homes, many people purchase new-to-them homes as the second owner or later buyer. Depending on the age of the home and the quality of the fences, they may not have held up. Homeowners should avoid waiting until part of the fence has collapsed before thinking about its replacement.


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