7 Creative Ways To Market Your Next Project

So, you got this nice project planned out that will take your business to new heights. Whether it’s launching a new product or hosting an event for brand awareness, you need to promote your next project or it will be a flop. But getting your project in front of customers is not always easy. Lucky for you, this article compiles seven lists of creative marketing methods for you to try.

1. Offer Exclusive Previews

Exclusive previews mean showing your most loyal customers a sneak peek. Not only are they the most likely to buy your product, but they will most likely share the promos to their social circle as well.

Exclusive previews can be in the form of in-person, private, or virtual pre-launch parties like an online demo, preview, or tour. Also, it can be a special invitation to test out a new product or service and give feedback. Such exclusive offerings to your loyal customers can reinforce how much you value them, strengthening their loyalty.

2. Spread The Word With Email

About 4 billion people around the globe use email. Also, 82% of consumers are said to open emails from businesses and have made purchases from an email marketing message. As you can see, email is an excellent channel for spreading the word about your new project. Not only that, but it also makes a nice incentive to grow your subscribers.

You can run a specific email campaign about your new project—perhaps through a series of emails building up to the day of your project launch. You can also use email and platforms like Greenvelope to send professional invitations for your general audience, or in line with the previous tip, for your exclusive promotions. 

3. Special Introductory Offer

If you’re launching a new product or service, then consider making it available with a special introductory deal. Such deals can take many forms like:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 Deal
  • Discounted Prices
  • Reduced-Price Package or Bundle
  • Coupon or Voucher with Every Purchase
  • Free Gift for Every Referral
  • Loyalty Programs with a Points System

Whatever promotion tactic you use, you must emphasize a sense of urgency. Make sure your customers know that it will not last forever. That way, your prospective customers will take action immediately—either by buying or reserving an item.

4. Partner With An Influencer

It is not easy to promote your next project if you have a limited reach. If that’s the case, you can always tap people who have a much larger audience.

Influencers are authoritative figures who are well-respected in their target market. They have lots of subscribers, followers, and fans who quickly follow any recommendations or endorsements they offer. Reviews and promotions from influencers in your niche can significantly improve your reach and generate instant social proof with your audience.

Getting promoted by an influencer will help increase the awareness and recognition of your brand. It will create a lot of hype for your next project too!

5. Forge Partnerships With Other Businesses

As a starting or small business, you may have limited marketing resources and budget. So, it only makes sense to try and reach out to other complementary businesses including vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Not only is this a win-win situation but there’s also the added credibility when another company recommends you. For instance, you can suggest exchanging customer lists and offering to pay your partner company a commission for every sale that you make. However, this requires access to data, and your business partner must request permission from their customers first if they agree to have their details shared.

If the company you’re partnering with maintains a blog or podcast, you can ask to get featured in their content. All you need is to plug your brand name or link in the content, and you can gain exposure to an established base of customers. And if your partner business has a physical retail space, then you can also ask them to put up some of your promotional ads or place your business cards in their lounge or waiting area.

In addition, you can also make your customers your business partners. You can create a referral rewards program that offers rewards to customers who refer your business to friends or family. After all, word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

6. Create Project Inserts

If you are already shipping and selling products, then you have the opportunity to promote your new project with every sale.

You can do so by creating project inserts to ship with every other product that you sell. These do not have to be intricately designed or complex. A simple card can already have a big impact on your receiving customer.

You can pair the new project promotion with a thank you note so that your customer feels appreciated while you bring awareness for your new project simultaneously. You can also include a promo code so that your customer is more likely to consider your new project.

You can include a custom landing page URL or QR code to minimize the size of your project insert. This also helps provide effective tracking for your campaign.

7. Generate Social Engagement

The goal of every social marketing post is to get your followers to act. It can be making comments, clicking a link to engage with the post, or sharing the content with others. The more engagement the post receives, the more visible it will in social media feeds. This can lead to new followers and greater exposure for your new project.

So, if you created a social marketing post, then make it actionable with open-ended CTAs. You can include a question or ask followers to weigh in with their opinion. Post a poll or pop quiz. Also, make sure to reply to all comments, positive and negative alike. Whenever possible, reshare stories and posts from customers so you can use such as social proof for other prospects.


Regardless of how good your next project is, it is not going to promote itself. So, if you want to hit your revenues and business goals, then you will need to be proactive and start marketing your business effectively and creatively. Using a combination of the tips above and using all the tactics and channels available, your new project will surely get the maximum amount of exposure it needs to be successful.

Offer Promotional Items 

You can never go wrong with offering promotional items when you are about to launch a new project. Especially if you are launching a new construction site, it would be best to consider this move. Besides, most successful businesses can attest to the viability of this marketing strategy.

Giving out promotional products such as pens, books, umbrellas, T-shirts, wrist bands, bags, and many other things can increase your project’s awareness. In return, this can dramatically boost your construction project. It can also improve the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones in the process.

Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow. To achieve this, you must focus your energy on marketing. Not just by word of mouth but also by offering tangible products for free. You can host an event to give out these promotional items. 
Ensure that you use the best event display items such as poled street flags, hanging pendant banners, printed floor mats, star tents and others that are visible and can make a huge impact.


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