Six Reasons a Kitchen Is the Heart of Every Home

Six Reasons a Kitchen Is the Heart of Every Home

Prospective homebuyers house hunting and homeowners looking to optimise living spaces can look to top reasons from property experts as to why the kitchen should be a top consideration, as the heart of every home. It is fair to say that every house would be incomplete without the presence of a kitchen – it’s an area for family time, a hub for entertaining family and friends, and a space to unleash creativity; discovering new tastes through recipe making and dining.

It’s where we refuel, scribble lists and notes, have conversations, and make memories during special occasions and milestones – and most importantly, the kitchen plays a significant role in connecting friends and families together, just through living.

With many having spent the majority of their time indoors in the past year, the kitchen has taken spotlight as the new ‘social hub’ of the home, and it’s no wonder that post-pandemic, a newly renovated kitchen is estimated to add a value of £10,649 to a home, with kitchen extensions adding a further £11,514.

James Hartley, director at North Sands Developments, said: “In the design and delivery of each of our properties, the kitchen is imperative and at the core of the home. As it is such a well-utilised space, it’s vital that it maximises ergonomic living and is a place where homebuyers want to be for multiple occasions throughout the day. This is a key consideration when choosing a kitchen in your new abode, or if you’re looking to design and upgrade the kitchen in your current home.

“We’ve looked into the main reasons kitchens really are the heart of every home, to celebrate this central living space and provide insightful considerations for homeowners and potential new buyers.”

Here are the top six reasons why a kitchen is at the heart of every home:

It is beneficial for bonding

Whether its discovering and creating new dishes together, or simply chatting over the table about the events of the day, the kitchen is a key setting for many aspects of living, and helps in strengthening relationships, whilst enabling family members to spend quality time together.

Kitchens present a valuable opportunity to generate conversations, without the risk of interference from modern-day technology that’s in the lounge or other areas of the home; and dining time is an opportunity to refuel, whilst also having important discussions with those that you live with.

Food is much more than a necessity

Whilst food is a key function in everyday life, it is also a passion for many individuals. From maintaining a strict healthy eating diet to leading a vegan lifestyle, nowadays food has the ability to generate many intriguing conversations, whilst connecting individuals over shared mutual topics of interest. As food preparation takes place in the kitchen, it is a key location for the topic of cuisine to be discussed and trialled, whilst educating one another.

It allows homeowners to showcase personality

As the central point of the home, kitchens are a place to express personality aesthetically through interior design. Visitors can walk into a kitchen and capture the overall essence and taste of the homeowner, whilst dining and being entertained, so it’s an ideal space to put your stamp on and get creative.

It provides an additional space for activities

A kitchen is a largely interactive environment, so if the space is there for activities – kitchens can be great combined with a play area section, to keep an eye on the children. Why not introduce a reading corner or nook, workout space or office desk if you have the space and want to utilise it?

It’s central in every daypart

From grabbing a quick breakfast with family in the morning, to unwinding in the evenings with friends around the table of island over a bottle of the wine – a kitchens involvement in day-to-day life is constant, meaning it is a significant and functional area that is so much more than a space to simply prepare and consume food in.

It is an evolving space

Kitchens are an ever-evolving space, and with the introduction of open-plan living, we are seeing the traditional kitchen setup offer of an oven, hob, worktop and table, develop to include new tech aspects such as boiling water taps, high-spec coffee machines and wine fridges. The latest smart oven appliances, which include models by brands such as AEG, are tech savvy and can be linked to apps with cameras and temperature probes to ensure great cooking.

New fixtures and fittings are also being introduced to create a versatile and ambient space, these include mounted wall TVs, built-in lighting and speakers to optimise the dining and entertaining experience.


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