Top 5 of the Most Luxurious and Prestigious Casinos in the World

Baden Baden Casino

Despite the ambiguous attitude of society towards gambling establishments and gambling in general, modern casinos are more than just a place where a person can instantly become rich or lose their fortune just as quickly. Moreover, this applies to both land-based casinos and online casinos, among which PlayAmo Australia stands out especially.

What are the modern casinos in the world? First of all, these are vivid examples of the successful fusion of such factors as the respectability of entertainment establishments, a clear and unchanging atmosphere of prestige, as well as age-old canons of gaming art and special standards of behavior.

Each new casino that opens in the world is often bigger and better than its “brothers”. After all, every owner of gambling establishments, striving to surpass their numerous competitors in scope and luxury, often presents to the world real “masterpieces” of architecture and design. It is not surprising that the ranking of the best and most unique casinos in the world is updated quite often.

And now, in continuation of the post, we present the TOP-5 of the most prestigious, luxurious, and incredible casinos in the world.

Casino Рotel “Bellagio”

Opened in 1998 in Las Vegas, the large-scale entertainment complex of the casino-hotel “Bellagio” is rightfully considered the most expensive gambling establishment in Sin City. Its estimated cost is about $ 2 billion. In the fabulously luxurious halls of this institution, the owners have installed 200 tables for games of the most popular gambling games, and there are also more than 2000 various slot machines. Bellagio is renowned for its fine dining and world-renowned Cirque du Soleil shows. Quite often, you can meet many world stars in the halls of the Bellagio casino.

Casino “Baden-Baden”

One of the oldest, but at the same time the most sophisticated and revered European casinos is the Baden-Baden casino located in Germany. The gambling tables, built back in 1809, of the institution, still remember the presence of monarchs, famous politicians, and cultural figures of those times when chips were used exclusively from gold and silver during the game. The aristocratic elegant halls of the casino have 24 tables and 113 slot machines. The exceptional professionalism of the local croupiers and the service of the staff always disposes guests to an exciting game.

Casino “Casino de Monte Carlo”

The exquisite casino “Casino de Monte Carlo”, which is located in Monaco, can rightfully deserve worldwide recognition. Just a royal marble facade and many classic graceful columns, luxurious room decoration, special VIP rooms for privileged guests, 316 state-of-the-art slot machines and 35 gaming tables, as well as a full range of services so that guests get the most out of the game, but and from the very presence in the institution.

Entertainment complex-casino “Marina Bay Sands”

Of course, the casino “Marina Bay Sands”, located in Singapore, is one of the few entertainment and gaming establishments in the world that are impressive in their scale and uniqueness. Marina Bay Sands is built on the shores of the very beautiful Marina Bay and is an incredible complex in terms of scope, beauty, and architecture. It consists of three 55-story towers, each 200 meters high. The crown of the towers is the truly unique panoramic pool connecting them. The casino halls have 600 gaming tables, as well as 2,300 state-of-the-art slot machines. According to the statistics of the institution, more than 25 thousand guests visit it daily.

Hotel-casino “Venetian Macao”

Built-in 2007, the Venetian Macao Hotel & Casino can be called Venice in Macau. The complex was built in the Venetian style: with water channels, along which gondoliers carry guests in their gondolas, with halls decorated with Venetian molding and paintings by Venetian masters. Everything here breathes Venice and, naturally, disposes to the game. The luxurious halls of the Venetian Macao have 800 gaming tables and about 3,500 slot machines.


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