A Guide to Buying Bladeless Tower Fans


Hot summers necessitate the installation of a proper cooling system in your house. If you cannot install an air conditioner, fans are the next suitable option. You might find it impractical to install an AC because it can be quite expensive. If you’re renting your house, the agreement may prohibit you from installing an AC. Either way, a bladeless fan is an excellent option for total cooling during the summer months, during which temperatures reached record levels just last year.

There are many innovative designs and models in the market that you must consider before choosing a fan. With an advanced air multiplying technology, bladeless tower fans, for example, are an extremely innovative cooling solution suitable for all spaces.

Types of Fans to Consider

Before you choose a particular fan for your house, there are some options that you must be aware of. The different types of fans are as follows:

  • Pedestal Fans: Pedestal fans are pretty large and have big blades that help even dispersion. The height of these fans can generally be adjusted, making them quite useful. They have been the classic choice for years and are a good cooling solution.
  • Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are the most common type of fans available in the market and are mostly used to seeing. They are attached to the ceiling and do not cause any obstruction or take up space in the room. They provide uniform cooling all around the room, making them another great choice.
  • Desk Fans: For a more concentrated source of cooling, desk fans are a perfect choice. If you do not want something as big as a pedestal fan because you do not have enough space in the room but want a direct air source, desk fans are a perfect choice. You can easily set them on a flat surface and enjoy the cool breeze.
  • Tower Fans: Tower fans are the most innovative and modern version of fans in the market. These are typically bladeless fans with various features, much more than what you get in a standard pedestal fan. As the name suggests, tower fans are much sleeker and hence fit even in a cramped space. Although they are quite narrow, they provide strong output, making them an ideal solution.

How do Bladeless Tower Fans Work

Bladeless tower fans are similar to traditional oscillating fans, except that bladeless fans offer better air circulation and distribution. The fans pull the air using the side vents and spin it before circulating the cool air through the front.

How to Buy Tower Fans

Tower fans are very new to the market and are only produced by a few companies. These fans are very innovative and are popularly known as bladeless fans. When you buy a tower fan, you will enjoy the various features that come packed with them. When purchasing a tower fan, make sure to consider the following factors for a successful purchase:

  • Timer: You will find several tower fans that come with a timer function. This lets you set a timer for how long you want to run the fan. They usually provide an option to set a timer for up to 24 hours. They might even come with a sleep timer that automatically switches off the fan after you fall asleep.
  • Oscillating head: An oscillating head is essential for ensuring that the airflow is well-distributed, thus allowing them to cool large spaces in a short while. You need a good rate of oscillation if you share your room with another person.
  • Heating capabilities: Some tower fans also have excellent heat settings. This way, you can use the fan even during the winter season to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Remote Control: Just like an AC, there are tower fans that come with a remote control. This means that you can switch your fan on and off without having to leave your bed and control other settings without having to get close to it.

Why Choose Bladeless Fans

Bladeless fans are nothing like the old-school fans. Since their release in the market, these fans have garnered much attention and excitement from tech enthusiasts and homeowners alike. These “bladeless” fans do have blades. In reality, it is just that they remain hidden from sight. They channel high-velocity smooth air, and the airflow is magnificent.

These fans are best suited for families with children as the lack of visible blades ensures better safety. They are also much easier to clean and come with enhanced functions. However, tower fans are more expensive than your regular pedestal fans.

Tower fans are truly a fascinating opportunity for those looking for a modern and out-of-the-box cooling solution. They come with much better features and are perfectly suitable for houses with smaller spaces!


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