Building A Digital Marketing Plan That Will Attract Leads To Your Construction Firm


You have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into building a quality construction business. Even with a brilliant team of contractors working for you, it counts for very little if your company doesn’t attract clients. A strong digital marketing strategy isn’t the only key factor to consider, but it should be a priority.

Building companies across the country are continually upgrading their marketing teams. So, if you do not invest in your strategies, it is very likely that the company will get left behind. Here are four cornerstones that will ensure you see the desired results.

1| Gain Visibility

Awareness is the first step on the road to conversion. After all, you cannot achieve anything if nobody knows of your company’s existence. With nearly two billion websites online, it’s unlikely that people will find your site by luck. Therefore, investing in strong SEO services is crucial. Given the nature of the business, you will need to ensure that the experts use local campaigns. They should also target mobile searches and voice searches.

As well as gaining traffic from search engines, social media platforms can be very useful. A large following doesn’t always translate to increased inquiries, but it gets your message out to more people. It can only help.

2| Use Images To Build Trust

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Prospective clients will want to see what your company is capable of achieving before hiring your construction firm. Using your website and social media channels to showcase your portfolio is advised. These photography tips should serve you well. It will help your leads visualise the work you could achieve for them.

Images verify your quality as a business. If you truly wish to build trust, though, you should additionally look to use client testimonials. The verified positive reviews will remove any concerns that prospective leads may have. 

3| Sell Yourself

Hiring a construction firm for B2B or B2C projects is a big deal. All clients need to know that they have the right people on the job. As such, learning to celebrate your USPs as a loyal and reliable service is key. Any awards or accolades should be highlighted while it’s also a good idea to have an ‘about’ page on your site. Let clients get to know you.

This transparency should be underlined by a solid customer care game. Nobody likes the thought of spending hours trying to get hold of their contractor if something goes wrong. Show that you will be obtainable, and it’s another reason to choose your firm.

4| Tell Them The Next Steps

Visibility and interest in the business will provide a solid foundation. However, the success of your campaigns are ultimately determined by the number of conversions and hot leads that you gain. The choice of Call-to-Action is a commonly overlooked issue. When you get it right, though, it tells clients the next moves that they should take. Removing any ambiguity.

CTAs should be added to landing pages, service pages, email marketing streams, and social posts. If you don’t tell customers what to do next, they simply will not follow up their interest. For that reason, you must pay attention.


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