How to Find an Antique Mattress


An antique bed and mattress can transform your bedroom into a unique and beautiful place. However, due to the uniqueness of the bed, you need to know how to choose a suitable antique mattress.

You have various options to choose a mattress for your antique bed. You do not have to choose an old school mattress just because an antique bed is old school. Here are tips to help you select an antique size mattress.

Consider a Custom Mattress

Some old-style antique beds come in awkward sizes, making it hard to get a mattress that fits in. However, that should not be an issue since you can get a custom mattress. If you do not know what to change the frame of the bed, consider a custom mattress.

A custom mattress comes with flexibility and comfort since you choose a specific style. You can select your desired materials for the mattress and get it the way you expect. While a custom mattress is costly, it is worth your money and time because it gives you value and comfort.

Remember, when you approach a company that sells the products, ask questions about custom beds to help you make informed decisions. For example, find out if the mattress will have box springs. Also, ask about the mattress depth and height and any other components to help you choose the right mattress.

Choose a Firm Mattress

When sleeping, you need to be comfortable to enjoy the night. However, this is not possible if you do not have a firm mattress.

The best way to choose a firm mattress is by considering your body weight and comfort. If you like to sleep on the side, a firm antique mattress will be a good option.

A medium tension mattress is the most popular type, especially for a couple of variable weight.
You can also choose a medium-firm tension mattress if you want a firmer feel. If you weigh above sixteen stone, then a firm tension mattress can be the best option.

An extra firm tension mattress is also another option if you need additional support for your back. In short, choose a mattress that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Determine the Measurements

Knowing the size of your bed can help you choose the right antique size mattress. You may think that looking at the bed is enough to determine the mattress size. But you could be wrong. It is best to get the actual measurements and choose a mattress that fits in well.

First, measure the outside corner as you stretch out the tape towards the other edge. Then, when done with one side, move to the next side and do the same thing.

Ensure you have accurate measurements for the length and width before you start shopping for a mattress. Inquire about any additional features that come with the mattress.

Take a Picture or Video

After taking the bed measurement, it is imperative to take a photo or video of your bed frame when visiting the seller. This will help the seller to identify the best mattress for your bed.

You can also call the company and send a video or photo if you want to buy the mattress online. The company will help you make the right choice.

The Bottom Line

When selecting a mattress for your antique bed, ensure you understand the nitty-gritty before making an order. Using the tips above can help you choose the best mattress that suits your lifestyle and needs. You may also want to compare prices and mattress features from different companies before making the final choice.


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