Inside the Newly Unveiled Jeju Dream Tower

Although parts of Jeju are a beachy paradise, the Jeju Dream Tower makes the most of its city location.

The Jeju Dream Tower is one of the most exciting new builds in South Korea. Designed by Siaplan architects, this building was opened only this year, after a long five years in construction. There were several major setbacks along the way and one still in progress now, but the hotel and dining elements of the building have been open to travelers for almost a month now and are receiving positive feedback. We take a look at the design of the building and the facilities available inside.

Jeju is a volcanic island with pillar and hexagon shaped rock formations. From this natural inspiration came the formulation of the building itself. The facade of the building is created with strong hexagonal pillars, each with a hole right through the center. These holes allow the building to take on a totally different feeling depending on the light conditions. Owing to the curved surface of the hexagon, these holes can reflect the colour of the sky on their inner walls. A dramatic sunset is made even more dramatic with its colours echoed by the pillars. In the same way, the twinkling city lights occasionally catch the building at night, creating a dreamlike effect. The folding of the facade into neat ‘pleats’ creates an interesting effect to the holes when viewed from certain angles, they appear as hearts. This effect was not accidental, but rather an homage to the core of the building, the Jeju Dream Casino.

Whether the casino will be accepted into the final design of the building is a contentious issue at the moment. With new online casinos opening all of the time, that are available for South Koreans to play, it seems an unusual attitude to lobby for the removal of the casino from the Jeju Dream Tower. The current design really puts the casino at the beating heart of the building, right in the midst of a space so obviously designed to work around it. If it does happen that the opening of the casino is put on the back burner then there’s no reason not to enjoy some time in the Jeju Dream Tower and opt for an online casino experience instead. With very generous deals for new players, it might end up giving you more play time for your money anyway.

Of course, the casino is not the only form of entertainment that guests can expect. Perhaps the most spectacular part of the building is right at the very top. At 38 stories high, Jeju Dream Tower is the tallest on the island, so it made sense to give guests the maximum benefit of the incredible views. Super-fast elevators transport guests up to the Sky Lounge, where they can choose from three different restaurants, all offering a complete rooftop view of the surrounding island. Whether it’s fine dining, cocktails, or bar snacks that guests fancy, they can take in the incredible natural scenery of sky and mountains, as well as watch the busy city below.

The building also boasts not one, but two spas, as well as a relaxing indoor pool. One of the spas has a modern international feel, whilst the other, the Jimjil spa, is traditionally Korean. The design of the jimjilbang is incredible. Each of the four rooms is made with a different material, all of which promote a different area of wellbeing. The red clay room is entirely clad in red clay bricks, it is hot and humid, helping the body to sweat out toxins. The cypress room is panelled in cyprus with a wide open roof letting in lots of natural light. It is cool, relaxing and gently scented thanks to the natural wood. The next two rooms are ice and salt, cooling and healing respectively. It is clear that the interior of the tower has been given just as much thought as the exceptionally complex exterior. A day spent in the spa here really is an induction into traditional Korean wellness culture and will leave even the most frazzled of travelers feeling rejuvenated.

Finally, probably the most important part of any hotel project are the bedrooms. The Presidential Suite is the largest and most exclusive in the tower. Making the most of the incredible views it boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with a 180 degree view of the city skyline. The interior of the space is designed in a classic contemporary style, with largely European furniture, but an impressive collection of modern Korean artwork. The bedrooms and kitchen area are both as elegant as you would expect, but the marble bathroom is a touch of luxury that would leave even the most discerning of guests impressed. This development has perfected the feeling of luxury, without ever feeling ostentatious. Thoughtful and painstakingly accurate design has gone into creating a soothing space in a bustling city.


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