Practical Furniture Ideas for Your Home


Living spaces have been getting smaller over the years. We can’t overlook the perks of this growing trend. For instance, it’s a great way to start if you’re passionate about adopting a minimalist lifestyle. More so, it can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

A lot of homeowners with tiny apartments often look for space-saving furniture that will complement other home décor elements. This type of furniture is the key to keeping your home organized and will make your stuff easily accessible. 

Fortunately, brands like are proactive about providing functional solutions for small spaces. It’s imperative to invest in the furniture pieces we’ve listed below. 

1. Sofa beds 

Sofa beds are both practical and comfortable. They are now a favorite piece for small apartments and families of all sizes. A sofa bed will offer a 3-in-1 function comprising of a bed, sofa, and storage option. The creative storage solution is useful for storing your bedding and other items. 

Corner sofa beds are versatile and will come in handy when you’re alone or in the company of your family or guests. 

2. Floating desk 

A floating deck is a practical, convenient, and cost-effective solution for reading and working. Some wall-mounted models feature storage sections. The good thing is that this piece of furniture will only take minimal space in your home.  

You can install a floating desk in your living room, bedroom, or home office. It comes in different variations, so it’s best to assess your needs and the space you can spare before making a purchase. 

In case you’re planning to use it for work, go for an option that is large enough for your PC and a few supplies. 

3. Wardrobes 

Built-in wardrobes remain one of the top modern living ideas. You can incorporate double hanging to maximize your space. Another space-saving hack is to place storage baskets on top of the wardrobe for storing accessories. 

Install hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door to keep jewelry and other accessories. It’s ideal to use the floor space in your wardrobe creatively too. 

Try decluttering your wardrobe from time to time. This will save you time and space.

4. Wall-mounted ironing board 

We usually pass a message to others with our choice of clothing. Clothes that are crispy and wrinkle-free will boost your confidence, thereby making you irresistible. 

This type of ironing board is a must if space is at a premium in your laundry room. Install a quality one in the right spot, and remember to fold it once you’re through with ironing. 

New models of wall-mounted ironing boards have features such as flexible board, adjustable height, built-in hanger, and can even double as a mirror. 

5. Murphy bed 

A murphy bed will ensure that you have enough space to entertain your guests and sleep comfortably. This furniture piece relies on a smooth mechanism that enables it to emerge and retract seamlessly. 

It’s suitable for individuals who want to use their guest room as office space without trading one for the other. Most murphy beds come with features like shelves, drawers, and desk flaps. 


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