Taking An All-Round Approach To Construction Marketing


In the past, companies offering services like construction didn’t have to do very much to market themselves. People would choose a company local to them, relying on the builders and other construction professionals they could access to do the job. This has changed in the modern world, though. There is more competition in this sort of field than ever before, with companies taking to the web and using advanced marketing methods that enable them to have their voices heard.

Thankfully, you have all of the tools you need at your disposal to take advantage of this for yourself. To help you out, this post will be exploring an all-round approach to construction marketing, giving you the chance to beat the competition.

Physical Marketing

Physical marketing is the method that most construction companies would rely on in the past, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t have value in today’s world. In fact, many people still choose their construction companies based on marketing like this, giving you the chance to reach a surprisingly wide audience. The is great for approaching demographics who usually don’t spend much time online.

  • Leaflets/Flyers: Paper marketing tools have long been a popular choice for construction businesses. Whether you choose to pop these through people’s doors, leave them in retail businesses, or hand them out to customers, this can be a great tool for construction companies trying to get their name out.
  • Signs & Vehicles: Signs on scaffolding and around your construction projects will be seen by a lot of people. You can also put signs on your vehicles, providing you with a practically free marketing option that will get the word out no matter where you go.
  • Business Cards: Business cards are another option that has been popular for a long time, offering the chance to put your name into the pockets of potential clients. Once they decide to go with your services, they will be able to get the card out and call you, rather than having to find you online.

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from with your physical marketing. You have a great opportunity to get your business into the world when you use methods like this, and you don’t need to spend loads of time and money on it in the process.

Digital Marketing

While physical marketing is important, few things will be as crucial as digital marketing for your construction company. This set of options allows you to reach as many people as possible, giving you the chance to work for those who wouldn’t usually see your physical marketing efforts. The vast majority of work like this will take place online.

  • Your Website: It’s just about essential for construction companies to have a website in the modern world. No matter what you do, you need to have somewhere for customers to find you online, and this site needs to be well-built.
  • SEO: Search engines can provide a lot of organic traffic once you build up your SEO. This can take a long time, though you can make this easier by using tools like Google My Business. Getting yourself into searches as soon as possible can limit the need for paid advertising.
  • Social Media: Social media has long been a great place for businesses like those in the field of construction. Not only do you get the chance to post for free, but you can also use personal accounts to spread the word to friends, family, and other local people.
  • Directories: Online directories like Yelp have been in place for a long time. These sites are often used by people looking for businesses, and construction is no different. You can add your business to many directories for free, though you should try to use different content for each of them.
  • Email Campaigns: Email marketing campaigns are seldom used by construction companies, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a place. Your website offers a good place to get people to sign up for newsletters and other email options, and this can be a good way to gain more interactions.
  • Influencers/UGC: User-generated content has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with many social media users using the businesses that are shown on profiles that they like.

Digital marketing will usually take more work than physical marketing. This is thanks to the time that it takes to keep making new content and the monitoring that goes into it. A good digital marketing agency can help you with work like this, providing you with the means to push your marketing further than ever before. Options like this can be great for construction teams that don’t have the time to spend on their marketing efforts.

Indirect Marketing

Indirect marketing isn’t an area that you have to put any work into, as long as you treat your customers well and give them quality construction services. Word of mouth is a great example of this, with many construction companies being able to gain most of their customers through the words that their old ones use. Of course, though, you can’t rely on this alone in the modern age.

Alongside word of mouth, reviews have also become a popular way for people to choose the companies that they work with. Google reviews are very good for this, and you can encourage the clients that have successful products to leave reviews so that you can build a good platform. You can even show off your reviews on the website that you use.

As you can see, construction companies have a lot of marketing options available to them in the modern world. You can use all of these methods to find success, but it can also be worth exploring different ideas to make sure that you have every possible avenue covered. The more work you do on your marketing, the higher your chances of success will be down the line, which is well worth the work.


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