The Best Promotional Items for Your Staff and Remote Teams


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, remote work has become increasingly popular globally. Likewise, most companies’ policies on remote work have changed as a result of multiple lockdowns. But, like your clients, you can keep your staff and remote teams happy through brand promotion even during this critical phase.

Give them some practical and impressive promotional items. Such products will make your remote workers feel valued. Once they feel valued, they will work with increased enthusiasm and drive to take your company forward.

Below is a list of some of the best promotional items to give your staff and remote teams.

1. Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

Almost everyone needs a cup of refreshing coffee in the morning. Your employees will enjoy having it in an oversized coffee mug and tumbler.

You can give away coffee mugs in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. In addition, a custom, double-wall insulated coffee tumbler can keep beverages hot/cold for even 6 hours.

2. Personalized Office Supplies

Your remote workers tend not to have an entire set of ready office supplies. So, you can supply all-inclusive office kits as promotional itemsto customers, employees, and the target market. They consist of every small thing that your employees might need to be effective and organised throughout the entire working day.

A stationery set can be a great option as it usually contains a notebook, touch pen, paper clips, small binder clips, and medium binder clips in different colours. Your workers can even fit it inside purses, tote bags, backpacks, handbags, and oversized pockets. You can imprint every set with your brand logo design.

3. Wholesale Desk organisers

Remote working can be relaxing but also disorganised for some employees. They may even misplace or lose small items. You can mitigate these risks by giving them desk organisers.

Employees can use them on their tables to keep an organised environment.  In addition, desk organisers significantly decrease clutter because they come with different storage compartments and are ergonomically designed. This way, your remote workers get a storage place for small, medium, and extensive office supplies.

They can keep sticky notes, scissors, paper clips, rulers, pens, pencils, compasses, highlighters, phones, business cards, and calculators closely. As they are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, you can easily win over remote workers by giving them away as promotional items.

4. Mobile Phone Stands and Chargers

Mobile phone technology is omnipresent. Almost everyone uses a mobile phone these days. You can get your employees promotional cell phone stands and USB or lightning charger cables. These come in various colours, shapes, sizes, and styles. These will also help boost employee productivity.

The phone stand helps people use phones when charging them. There are personalised phone stands and chargers that are compatible with almost any USB port, meaning people can use them with any laptop they have at home. You can imprint each of them with a logo to make them unique to your business.  

5. Ear Buds and organiser Kit

Remote working comes with another big challenge, i.e., staying productive in a homely ambience with plenty of distractions. Earbuds or headphones are a perfect solution to this problem. They come in various colours and sizes so you can make your whole team feel special.

When you give away earbuds as promotional items, workers can hook these up to their mobile phones or computers, helping them focus on their work better. No employee likes to have background noise distracting attendees from listening to what they have to say on a conference call, and no employee likes getting too distracted by background noise to listen to what someone is saying. Earbuds solve both problems. 

The earbuds are small enough to perfectly fit in a small tote bag, pocket, desk drawer, and purse and are thus an excellent item to use in a home office.

You are fortunate to have a skilled team of remote workers during this global Covid19 pandemic. Giving them promotional items is one of the best ways for you to express your gratitude. As they strive hard to deliver their best performance and take your company forward, giving them something makes them feel special and valued.

Giving away promotional itemsto your staff and remote workers can be a grand gesture of employee appreciation. As an added bonus, it also helps in brand promotion and keeps your business in their mind and the minds of their friends and relatives when they see what you’ve done for your employees.


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