The Ideal Location for Solar Panels


Installing rooftop solar panels can provide home and property owners with the ability to power their homes using clean, renewable electricity generated on-site. Selecting the optimal location for panels to be installed can help to ensure superior output and performance.

Home-Solar Installations

Solar panels are devices which are used to convert the sun’s rays into useful electricity. The amount of sunlight exposure that panels receive can be a limiting factor in their ability to provide adequate performance. Installing panels on too sharply pitched or poorly angled roofs or locations where they may not face the sun could negatively impact performance.

Optimal Position and Placement

Ideally, solar panels should be installed in such a way as to maximize the volume of surface area that will be exposed to sunlight. Sunlight that hits the panels at too shallow of an angle can inhibit power output, so it is important to choose installation options that can help to offset the pitch or angle of a roof. Shade can also cause power output to drop, so the best locations for panel installation are those that offer full, unobstructed sunlight. Position is important, however protection is also and Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing is a must when installing.

Seasonal Track

The angle of the sun changes throughout the year, which is even more pronounced at higher latitudes. Positioning panels to face in either an easterly or westerly direction can help to maximize sunlight exposure during the early or later portions of the day.

Having multiple banks of panels can help to minimize the impact that seasonal changes are likely to have on performance. Positioning panels to catch both the morning and evening rays while also utilizing panels positioned to capture sunlight during peak afternoon hours is often the most efficient approach.

Roof Shape and Structure

There are equipment and installation options that can allow homeowners to work around a roof with a steep pitch or that may not offer ideal mounting points. The best equipment and solar panel installation options can make it easy to adjust the pitch, angle, or even panels’ position once installed.

Dynamic positioning ensures that a home-solar system or setup will be able to function even when installed in less than optimal locations. The ability to quickly and easily adjust solar panels can also allow them to be repositioned from one season to the next in order to track the changing angle of the sun better.

Identifying the Best Location

The best location for solar panel installation is the one that will afford them the most sunlight. While positions that may be less ideal could cause problems, investing in panels with higher output or increasing the number of panels to be installed can help to improve performance.

Mounting equipment can also be a factor when selecting a location. Options that allow for dynamic positioning can enable panels to function more effectively even when installed in a sub-optimal location.

Proper installation and placement are essential for ensuring that solar panels can provide superior performance. Positioning solar panels to optimize the angle of the sun and ensure maximum surface exposure can help to increase power output.


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