Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Summer Garden


Once the summer months roll around, people all over the UK take to parks and gardens for picnics and barbecues, and to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden in your home, late spring or early summer is a great time to freshen up the space with some new garden furniture, freshly planted flowers and perhaps a new coat of paint along a fence or shed. If you don’t have a garden or outdoor space, there may be some indoor garden tips and tricks you can implement to bring a bit of greenery indoors and enjoy the brightness of the season. Otherwise, read on for some ideas on how to make the best use of your outdoor space.

Flowers & Furniture for a Summer Garden

The best way to introduce colour in a summer garden is, naturally, through plants and flowers. Rose, lavender, foxglove and hydrangeas are all bright options that will add plenty of vibrancy to a summer garden. Garden furniture sets are a great way to create a little haven – setting up a seating area with chairs and a garden table can create a relaxing space, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or reading the paper on the weekends. Rattan garden furniture, in particular, is a great investment as it is durable, easy to maintain, and comfortable to sit on. It is also very weather-resistant, which is ideal given the changeable and at times inclement British climate.

Garden Decor & Maintenance

If you have garden furniture or ornaments such as statues, flower pots or decor items that need repairing, a DIY fix can be far more cost-effective than replacing them. Many garden items that are damaged can be repaired quickly and easily with a specialist epoxy glue, which is generally very straightforward to use. Such glues can also be used on standard household items. Other tips for getting your garden in shape for summer include the following:

  • Plant bulbs during the spring months so they are blossoming in time for summer
  • Mowing the lawn regularly will keep it looking extra green and fresh
  • Invest in a BBQ for summer dining al fresco
  • A water feature such as a fountain or pond is a striking feature in any garden
  • Wooden decking or a patio space is a great way to section off a seating area
  • Invest in a fire pit for a next-level garden-seating zone
  • Repainting a fence or garden shed can truly elevate the look of your outdoor space
  • A trellis is a great way to add texture and dimension to an area of flowers or plants

Garden Decor on a Budget

There are lots of ideas, big and small, and ways to spruce up your garden for summer that don’t cost a fortune. Once the lawn is mowed and any flowers or shrubbery are freshly pruned, the space will look open and inviting. Accessories such as cushions, flowerpots and outdoor candles are generally inexpensive and can be used to add character and colour in a seating area. Garden lighting such as outdoor bulbs, fairy lights and lamps can also be picked up quite cheaply and are a great way to create a warm, cosy atmosphere on a summer evening.

It can be quite a bit of work to get a garden ready for summer and maintain it throughout the season. It is well worth it, however. A garden can act like an additional room in your home and is, for many, a relaxing place to spend some leisure time. Get the most out of your garden this summer by prepping it well, planting some beautiful blossoms and equipping it with comfortable garden seating.


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