Your garden summer proof in no time with these tips and tricks

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Summer is around the corner and this means people have to turn to their green fingers again. However, not everyone has green fingers but some do have a garden! How to make your garden ready with minimal effort, while making it a pleasant environment to enjoy those rays of the sun? In this article, we will look at multiple ways to create a summer feeling.

Add a palm tree!

Sounds like an easy thing to do right? Palm trees come in lots of different sizes and can be placed almost everywhere. The advantage of a palm tree is the fact that it can be placed in a pot which makes it versatile to place. The palm tree immediately gives a summer feeling and does not require any changes to your current garden. Besides that, they are easy to maintain as long as you follow the weather patterns. Oh, there’s an application for that, of course.

Garden efficient using applications

To continue our trajectory along the road of applications, there is way more to explore. There are simple garden applications that tell you when you need to water your plants and change the soil, to complex and professional apps for the real deal. If you do not have green fingers, the simple app will suffice in keeping your plants alive. Nothing better than having an efficient gardening process, right?

Add some plants and flowers

Naturally, your garden includes garden plants. However, there are great additions that can make an easy difference. For example, colourful flowers in the summer can change the atmosphere of the garden entirely. They do come with some instructions, but when following them you can be sure to have beautiful colours during the whole summer period. Next to that, there are options such as the French lavender. With their popping purple colour, they are a great addition to almost any type of garden.

Time to pick up a gardening hobby?

If you are interested in growing green fingers, this might be the one for you. Although it does not have to be placed in a garden, a Bonsai tree can be great among garden plants. Especially in smaller gardens it is a match made in heaven. Bonsai refers to an ancient Japanese technique of taking care of plants and does not refer to a specific plant type. Often, the technique is applied to plants such as Ginseng. The technique requires you to “shape” the plant artistically and calmly, a process that is both labours intensive as well as perfectionistic. In the process, trees can often die. This makes it the ultimate test to becoming a true gardener.

Luckily there is the Internet

Of course, you are not alone in this. Many social media channels are packed with photos and videos of Bonsai and how to take care of them. These help you to get a hang of it and grow your inner Bonsai expertise.


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