Business Spheres That Are Growing After the Coronavirus Pandemic


COVID-19 has become one of the most problematic events in world history. Never before has a virus harmed the world economy to such a large extent. Moreover, the lion’s share of countries had to forget about their long-term strategies and switch to the plan oriented mostly on ensuring an efficient medical system. Nevertheless, people didn’t fall desperate and sought ways to defeat another challenge to their strength and unity. Living mostly online and working distantly were the wishes of humanity that had to be embodied instantly in these conditions. However, we would like to highlight some specific moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, namely those business spheres which found not a lot of stress and threats, but plenty of opportunities to increase the demand, and enhance the supply. So, today we are going to talk about those scopes of organizations and companies, which found these rough and tough times as a good chance to become more influential, and, actually, did it!

Online Communication Services

It is considered to be one of the symbols and attributes of the coronavirus pandemic. Let us recall thousands of Zoom meetings, online classes, morning team buildings, where you can see the avatars or names of your colleagues because they turned their cameras off just to drink coffee in pajamas. In fact, online communication services have turned out to be the ones that saved contact not only with our jobs or colleges but also with our friends! Online globalization took place on your laptop or smartphone screen. According to the statistics, the most popular COVID application, Zoom, earned more than 1 billion dollars in 2020! An enormous sum, and some may even assume that it is not a peak of its popularity. Moreover, other companies, including social media, gather their resources to develop such functions.

Courier Services

Remember the first days of the pandemic when everyone was locked in their homes trying to find some new hobbies, watching the news, reading, playing musical instruments, etc. And then a strong wish to eat something good. However, freedom of movement was restricted, so did access to the supermarkets or especially cafes, and restaurants. That is why many people downloaded the apps of several courier companies (Just Eat, Glovo), indicated what they wanted, and waited for the order to be delivered. Actually, the takeaway has become more relevant for some time, and couriers riding on bicycles with large backpacks full of food had a lot of work to be done. So, many “quarantined” were very grateful, and even restaurants resorted to their service.

The couriers also delivered medicine to people, so it is rather important at the same time to know how to keep yourself healthier. Thus, if you want to learn more about relevant “hacks”, you can read some public health paper samples.

E-Commerce and Postal Companies

At first, it was a very difficult time for these business categories  to adapt to new and harmful conditions. It was a dark period for logistics, and a lot of anti-globalist groups were activated. However, they found many ways to keep on doing their work effectively and seek benefits with attractive marketing campaigns and innovative technologies and approaches. A great and vivid example is Amazon. According to several kinds of research, in 2020, it will become richer by 200%! Moreover, it was very important for postal service companies to activate their means of parcels transportation, and deliver them on time. Both national and private ones demonstrated their productivity and ruined the stereotype that they are the main be-laters.

Medical Equipment

Could we imagine how many tasks future doctors must accomplish and how many assignments they will have! They would definitely search for, as an example, free paper to nursing school, or else. Nevertheless, the other symbols of the COVID-19 are masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. Medical equipment became as necessary as the head, and for some time, it was a basic good of import and export. Moreover, face masks have become the new fashion trend. Nowadays, companies, universities, even retail shops provide their workers with masks with an appropriate logo. Speaking of medical laboratories and hospitals, a lot of technical equipment for analyzing and taking COVID tests (PCR, for example), ventilators, etc. were delivered and actively used by them. It is very wonderful that humanity started paying even more attention to vital spheres.

There are a lot of cases of businesses that become more successful during the pandemic, and they vary in scopes. Nevertheless, these are the trendy and innovative ones that began developing even before the global appearance of COVID-19, such as AI specialists, brand managers, big data analytics, or city farmers. These are compelling objects of research in both theoretical and practical aspects. If you want to know more about them or need help, you can refer to certain online services, or find free coursework on manufacturing, for instance. It is a wonderful addition for personal experience and knowledge. So, enjoy yourself as a 2020 student!


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