Ground Source Heating in UK Retirement Community

Ground Source Heating in UK Retirement Community

Ground source heat pumps manufactured and installed by market-leader, the Kensa Group, will deliver the lowest carbon heating solution for the UK’s first net-zero carbon retirement community, creating a sustainable future for older generations.

The Millfield Green site in Caddington, Central Bedfordshire, will provide 200 sustainable new-build homes specifically designed to accommodate older people’s needs. The development will use renewable energy generation throughout, including Kensa Heat Pumps’ ground source heat pumps, which will give the senior residents ample heating and hot water whilst helping to combat climate change. The heat pump system, containing a mix of residential and commercial properties, will be the largest of its kind to have been installed by Kensa to date.

Kensa Contracting was enlisted for the project by Inspired Villages, a developer and operator of later living homes, owned by Legal and General, which has a 35% stake in the Kensa Group. Inspired Villages carefully considered several different renewable heating systems before concluding that ground source heat pumps would provide the lowest carbon and lowest cost heating solution for the development.

Dr Stuart Gadsden, Director of Sales for Kensa Contracting, said: “Retired communities deserve safe heating systems that are low cost, low air pollution and low carbon. Once installed, the ground source heat pumps will provide plentiful heating and hot water for the senior residents at Millfield Green, improving their quality of living and tackling two serious national emergencies: climate change and fuel poverty. Many older people face tough choices each winter about how to cover the cost of keeping warm, and poorly heated homes result in health problems and can even contribute to loss of life. By investing in ground source heating systems, Inspired Villages have ensured optimum comfort and low running costs for residents who can enjoy their retirement without worrying about whether they can afford to run their heating, as well as knowing that they are having a positive environmental impact.”

Ground source heat pumps extract heat energy from the ground and convert this for use in space heating and hot water inside a home. They are electrically-powered devices with no point-of-use emissions, meaning they help maintain local air quality and combat global warming. They are also highly efficient compared to other heating systems, typically delivering between three and four units of heat for every one unit of energy consumed to power the system. As the electricity grid further decarbonises with more renewable generation from wind and solar, the carbon footprint of the heat pumps will decrease even further.

The government recognises that renewable technologies, such as the ground source heat pumps being installed at Millfield Green, are a vital part of the UK’s decarbonisation plan – this is reflected in their target to install 600,000 heat pump a year by 2028. Following advice from the Climate Change Committee on the Sixth Carbon Budget, prime minister Boris Johnson has recently agreed to legislate a new target to slash national emissions by 78% by 2035, to move the country three-quarters of the way towards its 2050 net-zero ambition. Developers like Inspired Villages are leading the way by creating a sustainable retirement community for the future utilising technologies with as minimal environmental impact as possible.


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