Modern House Design: How They Make Functional Houses


It is not a secret that humanity always wanted to upgrade the accommodation. The posters with huge sky-scrapers inhabited by people, and flying cars show a desirable utopia. Nevertheless, many companies continue struggling to make people more surprised and to make their homes an even more powerful comfort zone. The motto “My home is my fortress” may acquire a new interpretation: “My home is me”. Doubtless, a lot of functions are now available in some houses, either regulating the temperature or watching who is ringing the bell or watering the grass. Functional houses have become the 21st-century know-how, and ordinary citizens don’t need to take care of the housework and break their backs. Facilitation and convenience shall become the creed of every household. So, what are the features of so-called functional houses, and what the architects and designers pay most attention to?


It seems that the place where a single house is situated plays a crucial role in further evaluation of its effectiveness and functionality. Frankly speaking, a plain surface without a high ground and good soil must be a guarantee for the foregoing criteria. Let us bear in mind that our home should ensure our comfort, and it is a place where we can be relaxed. You will surely conquer the summits, but you have to compensate for your strength within your place. Furthermore, a nearby forest, or likewise location would be a supplementary benefit for fresh air and having a stroll.

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Project and design

That is a complicated but at the same time very interesting topic to be the object of subsequent discussions. In particular, everything depends on the client’s wishes and expectations. In spite of the fact that classical types have surely become irrelevant, someone may require to mix the classic style with digitalization. Nevertheless, hi-tech is the most appropriate way of projecting the house of the future. Two or three colors externally (white is mostly prevailing), ascetic interior, emphasis on several devices and panels, perfectionism, and shine – these are considered to be the top parts of a functioning house. Every floor, every forming part of the home has its own purpose. Besides, they should be duly maintained!


Are you a fan of Tesla cars? If yes (and it is more plausible), imagine if this means of transport could transform into a separate house! Well, we are just anticipating such an event, but electric cars are a vivid example of how important it is to increase the usage of electricity as a main source of energy. The world is advancing rapidly, and trends like alternative sources, and solar panels are not senseless. During the Industrial age, coal was the main product of making machines work. Soon, the functioning of houses relied on three main resources: gas, electricity, and water. Nowadays, gas is losing its position of being a means of cooking food. Instead, people may take a special gas cylinder when hiking or mountain climbing, for the function mentioned above.

Complete electrification of homes and authonomization is a measure that will be taken very seriously in the nearest ten years. That is how global warming may provide several benefits to us, especially during summer. At the same time, we are caring about the ecology, and create a great example of how to give assistance in protecting nature.

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Now we have come to the fundamental part of the article: what functions should modern houses be stuffed with? Firstly, it should be related to the security system, so none of the burglars will be able to intrude. Signalization, web cameras recording 24/7 are an option! Secondly, it is also important to regulate the light, for different reasons. Sometimes you need to save money or pay due attention to the energy conservation approach, but sometimes you may impress your guests with every detail of your “fortress”. Thirdly, when it comes to a separate house, gardening is a real business for a real owner. That is why an automated watering system is the best way to care constantly about the local flora. Fourthly, we must “grant power” to the single remote control, and use it when needed. Finally, we should take into account the presence of such attributes as controllers, sensors, and actuators.

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