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The main purpose of any casino is to attract people’s attention. Architects and designers venture to non-standard solutions. They are ready to go the extra mile to create a vibe of the eternal holiday. Their goal is to kindle the desire to enter the temple of entertainment Today, absolutely everyone can plunge into the atmosphere of world casinos without leaving the house. All you need is a BetChan casino login to dive into the full-fledged excitement and endless holiday vibe. But if it’s so convenient to play online, why do people still fly thousands of miles to visit a land-based casino? We believe that the answer is that ground-based casinos attract people with unique and unrepeatable architectural esthetics and fanciness.

Typically, architects choose the thematic direction in which the building will be designed. They often draw inspiration from the architecture of other countries, cultures, historical periods to recreate a unique look. Luxurious and eye-catching casinos are profitable not only to the owners but also to the city and all its residents. Glamorous casinos attract tourists. Tourists bring money to various sectors of city life and enrich the economy of the state. Each new gambling venue in the world is more expensive and more luxurious than the previous ones. Casino owners compete in luxury and scale. They try to impress the world with masterpieces of architectural and design art.

We’ve prepared 7 stunning examples of architectural ideas fulfilled in land-based casinos designs.

1.Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is one of the world well-known gambling dens in Las Vegas. It locates in the heart of Sin City. The ancient Roman style decorations explain its name. Monuments, fountains, chariots and even the ship of Cleopatra are open to your eyes. All this is spiced with the vibe of elite antiquity and ardour. This has made this casino a highly revered destination.

2.The Baden-Baden Casino

The Baden-Baden Casino in Germany is a classic of gambling houses. It is one of the oldest and admirable casinos in the world. It is a much more sophisticated and classy place. Instead of neon lights, you will see sparkling chandeliers. The design of the casino was influenced by the Palace of Versailles. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. Its tables remember many members of the royalties. Back in the day, only gold and silver chips were used on the tables. The elegant halls of the casino are filled with vibrant excitement.

3. The Venetian Macau Casino

The Venetian Macao Casino is Venice Charm in lovely Macau. The amusement centre was constructed in 2007. On its territory are channels, along which gondolas with gondoliers float. The casino vestibules are decorated in an iconic Venetian style. The resort covers a territory of over fifty thousand square meters. It is the seventh-largest building on the globe by floor area.

4. Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island

Atlantis Resort (Bahamas) is the biggest casino in the Caribbean. It is located on the world’s most beautiful Paradise Island. City-complex is connecting two districts built on a 28 thousand metres lagoon. Rooflights and massive windows bringing outdoor beauty inside. This is a novelty in casino design. It contains everything to enjoy an exciting gambling spirit. Great place for an excellent vacation on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas.

5.Sun City Casino

Sun City Casino (South Africa) is located in a top-level entertainment centre. It is built in an extinct volcano crater. Sun City is named “African Las Vegas”. The constructional style is extraordinary. It combines ruthless African motifs with the opulence of Ottoman royal residences and modernism. Thousands of tourists travel to experience all the greatness of casino premises. Sun City is a beloved destination for the elite of the gambling community and many world celebrities.

6.Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino Monte Carlo, located in Monaco, undoubtedly deserves worldwide recognition. Its exterior is inspired by Renaissance architecture. Inside you will find ornate portraits dating back to the founding of the United States. Deluxe marble facade, a plethora of columns and all the possible benefits for the pleasure of guests. Everything there creates an elite atmosphere for laid-back gambling sessions.

7.Marina Bay Sands Casino

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) is a knockdown casino with a futuristic look. It is located on the seashore of Marina Bay.  Three 200 meters high towers with a tropical oasis that soars on top. There is a massive panoramic pool placed on their rooftops. This casino is a true work of art of modern engineering.

Even before you enter the casino, you will already be overwhelmed by the stunning views. If you’ve always wondered where to search for magnificent architecture and unique designs, now you know.


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