Bluewater Plumbing’s Boiler ‘Comfort Club’ Subscription Offers the Safest Boiler and Gas Servicing Experience on the Market


After the massive strikes throughout plumbing companies across the UK earlier this year, many homeowners have been left wondering how to handle emergency boiler servicing if it happens again. Bluewater Plumbing, a North London based plumbing and heating company, has a secure and effective solution for these situations.

Introduced earlier this year, Bluewater Plumbing’s ‘Comfort Club’ is designed for savvy homeowners who prefer to identify and prevent potential issues before they become a problem rather than fix emergencies when a crisis suddenly arises. Compared with ordering each emergency repair individually when the need arises, a subscription to the ‘Comfort Club’ programme gives clients more convenient, ongoing assistance, as well as offering more cost-conscious clients greater certainty about the fees involved. By subscribing, clients get considerable time and money savings. 

Offering services from all major boiler companies, ‘Comfort Club’ is an annual subscription which makes keeping your boiler and heating systems in check a breeze.

‘Comfort Club’ plans include: 

  • annual boiler service with service parts 
  • flue gas analysis
  • central heating magnetic filter clean 
  • central heating chemical inhibitor
  • gas pressure test
  • repairing the boiler & broken parts
  • heating controls
  • radiators & radiator valves
  • gas and heating pipework

Bluewater Plumbing clients also benefit from fast-tracked emergency servicing, as well as special offers for new boiler installations if the old one is beyond repair.


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